‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ ‘The Martian,’ & ‘Mr. Robot’: Frontrunners or long shots? (Video)

The hottest place on the web for brutally brilliant discussion of the Oscars contenders as well as the Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice and SAG awards nominations is the Gold Derby forums. Below, watch me slug it out with three of our most frequent posters: Amanda Spears (surpriselover), Tony Ruiz (OperaJunky) and Jacob Davis (Teridax). Then, if you dare, join the live chat going on right now.

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‘Star Wars’ soars
With it’s socko box office, can ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakensbreak through with a Best Picture nomination?

Jacob doesn’t think so: “They have too high standards to be influenced by the public and what’s popular.” Tony disagrees: “No one has captured the zeitgeist the way that ‘Star Wars’ has. It made $50 million on Christmas Day alone. No one expected it to be as well reviewed as it has been.” And Amanda chimes in on the expanded Best Picture race: “If they don’t put ‘Star Wars’ in, the reason for having 10 has failed.”

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The Martian’ director
 Ridley Scott, the helmer of the sci-fi flick “The Martian,” is a strong contender to win Best Director. This has forum posters wondering if he can win after three losses?

For Tony: “It seemed like there was certainly some momentum in that direction. But right now, I think Best Director is a real head-scratcher. Amanda thinks: “There’s no question for me, I think Ridley Scott’s time has come. He’s someone that should have an Oscar by now.”

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‘Rocky’ back in the ring:
Sylvester Stallone is back in the Oscar game for his supporting turn in “Creed.” This has forum posters asking if he will win almost four decades after losing for original ‘Rocky’?

Amanda explains: “He’s got a pretty decent backstory of not winning for ‘Rocky.’ I think he’s probably got this.” However, Jacob questions: “Do you think the comeback narrative is really going to be enough? Sylvester Stallone hasn’t just been a Razzie winner, he’s been a perpetual Razzie winner.”

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Mr. Robot‘ running the circuit
On the TV side of things, our posters have been talking about ‘Mr. Robot’ which broke through with three Golden Globe nominations.

Amanda admits: “I don’t like predicting sweeps at the Globes but right now I’m predicting it in all three categories.” Tony cautions: “the Globes also have a habit of being late to the party, like they were with ‘Breaking Bad.’ There’s a small possibility if it’s not ‘Mr. Robot,’ I I think it’s going to be ‘Game of Thrones.'”

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