‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’: Showmancers Jessica ‘Figgy’ Figueroa & Taylor Stocker in danger of elimination

With the first tribal swap ahead for the castaways on this week’s “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X,” the showmance of Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa and Taylor Stocker may come to an end. Figgy leads our predictions to be eliminated next with 6/5 odds of going home while Taylor is close behind in third place with 6/1 odds. Firmly between them in second place is CeCe Taylor of the Gen X tribe with 13/2 odds of being ousted. Do you agree or disagree with our readers’ findings? Hurry — make your “Survivor” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by predicting who will be eliminated next.

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Two weeks ago during an inter-tribal summit, the topic of showmances came up and the Millennials in attendance denied to the Gen X-ers that any love pairings were afoot. That lie is likely to be exposed this week when the tribes swap and each castaway jockeys for a spot at the top of new alliances.

Should the showmance be exposed, Figgy and Taylor will both become easy targets for the next elimination. Gen X-ers will be eager to capitalize on anything that keeps their original numbers safe now that they’re outnumbered by three heads. Depending on how the swap plays out, if enough Gen X-ers are around to add to the few Millennials — namely Adam Klein and Zeke Smith who are currently at the bottom of their tribe — who are looking for a change then the conditions will be perfect for the move.

The other way the swap can play out is that those on the bottom of their tribe now will continue to be on the bottom and that’s why some readers are predicting CeCe as well as Adam Klein with 12/1 odds also in danger. CeCe is an easy target on a new tribe because she hasn’t proven her worth in challenges, either physical or mental. Adam is at a similar disadvantage in terms of worth in challenges though hasn’t been as overt of a liability as others. Adam also holds a hidden immunity idol now, though of course there’s a chance he goes home with it in his pocket.

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