[PODCAST] ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ castoff Michelle Schubert: ‘Silence is death in this game’

“I just went silent, and silence is death in this game,” reveals “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” castoff Michelle Schubert to Gold Derby about why she didn’t fight for her life in Episode 8 after Adam Klein‘s group turned on her side. “This is a game where if you’re not strategizing with me, I assume you’re strategizing with somebody else. So I think when my name came up as a possibility, the first thought in each person’s mind was, ‘She hasn’t really talked to me today or yesterday, she must be aligned somewhere else.'”

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“This was a series of unfortunate events here,” Michelle explains. “The merge happened and of course when the boats came in, I noticed Michaela Bradshaw was gone. And so the first chance I got, Jay Starrett and I talked and he said, ‘I had to get rid of her, she was throwing you under the bus. She was telling Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest that you were controlling the game, so they probably have their eye on you, so Will Wahl and I think you should probably lay low and not try to strategize with anyone for this first vote.'”

Does Michelle believe that this week’s merge ruined her game play? “The merge was not what killed my game,” she states. “I killed my game by not going with my gut. I put my life in the game in somebody else’s hands — that was not smart. But I believe I would have squirmed out of that situation post-merge and it would have been fine had I actually been strategizing.”

As for the generational divide, Michelle pinpoints why the Millennials seem so eager to vote each other out while the Gen X-ers are more keen to sticking together. “I think the Millennials liked each other more than the Gen X-ers liked each other, but I think that what we’re seeing is this stereotype that’s playing out of Millennials being impulsive. And so instead of making a strategic move, they made a personal move.”

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