‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’: Which castaways got the ‘winner’s edit’ in Season 32 premiere?

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For die-hard “Survivor” fans, one of the most interesting things to analyze week-to-week is identifying which castaways are getting the proper “winner’s edit.” In other words, who is consistently seen providing commentary on the strategy of the game, even in episodes where their own isn’t necessarily at play? Other aspects of the edit can include in-depth background on their personal lives — namely traumas or hardships that they’ve overcome in the past or how badly they want to win for the good of their family — or the opportunity to narrate the action of the game via confessional scenes. The theory is that viewers need the foundation of a favorable edit in order to build a storyline that makes the eventual champ’s victory not only believable, but also worth rooting for.

That being said, on Wednesday’s “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” premiere there were a handful of castaways that got what could easily be interpreted as winners’ edits. After reading my analysis below, be sure to make your “Survivor” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down to predict who will be voted out next.

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Anna Khait and Julia Sokolowski
Though they barely beat the Brawn tribe for second place at the first challenge, the Beauty tribe came out strongest in the premiere. I say this not because they seem to be the most cohesive or dominating tribe, but because of the quick and easy alliance-building of two of its members — Anna and Julia. Not only did the two fall into an instant personal connection, but they solidified an alliance immediately to back it up, establishing themselves as “1” and “2” and deciding who their “3” and “4” would be. Neither Anna nor Julia was shown questioning the other, an editorial suggestion that the alliance is probably a long-lasting one that never wavers. Anna and Julia could very well be the new Parvati Shallow and Amanda Kimmel, the deadly duo that built one of the strongest females alliance ever on “Survivor: Micronesia,” resulting in their first and second place finishes. Anna has already jumped up to the second most likely to win this season with 6/1 odds. Julia is a little lower with 10/1 odds. See Gold Derby odds.

Kyle Jason
The leader of the Brawn tribe is very obviously Jason, despite his current odds of winning being rather low at 40/1. Jason was shown in similar fashion to some of the show’s most infamous former castaways — his make-as-many-alliances-as-possible strategy reminds me of Tony Vlachos, winner of the first Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty season, “Survivor: Cagayan.” Jason is also the one that his tribe mates gravitate toward most, looking to him at the Tribal Council tie to determine which way to swing their revote. All of this means that as long as the tribes stand as they are, Jason isn’t going anywhere and he’ll likely make the merge. His edit suggests the scrappy kind of play that has led to wins in the past, but his tribe will have to pull it together if any of them are going to get that far. See Gold Derby odds.

Peter Baggenstos and Neal Gottlieb
On the Brains tribe there is a clear age divide, as explained in part by both Peter and Neal at different times. Unlike Anna and Julia who established an alliance of two and then of four, the younger members of the Brains tribe established a four, albeit headed by either Peter or Neal, or both — it’s tough to tell. You see, Peter and Neal weren’t shown to even establish a bond with one another, but both were given different versions of a possible winner’s edit. Neal feels to me to be the more likely winner of the two, but the Gold Derby charts say otherwise, with users giving Peter the top spot at 5/2 odds. Peter was shown as cocky though, and not in the Russell Hantz (“Survivor: Samoa”) he-might-actually-win way, but in the Sash Lenahan (“Survivor: Nicaragua”) second-runner-up-with-zero-votes-to-win kind of way. Neal on the other hand was shown to have the patience and reservation that will allow him to adapt better and come off as more likeable, two traits every winner must display. See Gold Derby odds.

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