‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’: Who is the best player on the worst tribe?

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In the second episode of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong,” the To Tang (Brawn) tribe lost the immunity challenge for the second time, leaving themselves in the dangerous position of having only four members to the other tribes’ six apiece. If any of its members are going to have a shot at the million dollar prize, Brawn needs to get it together. Let’s take a look at which of Brawn’s four remaining castaways is the best player on what is objectively the worst tribe. Hurry — make your “Survivor” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down to predict who will be voted out next.

Who will win ‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’? See exclusive predictions

1. Alecia Holdenodds to win 80/1
Alecia’s edit hasn’t been particularly good so far, but there was somewhat of a redemption arc this week when she was shown spending five hours attempting to start a fire while her tribe mates took naps. She eventually succeeded and it seems to have left a mark on her tribe because they once again did not vote her out. If Alecia can continue to squirm her away out of tribal councils she will quickly become the player no one wants to get rid of because she won’t be an immunity threat and she’ll probably be seen as easy to beat. But we all know those are the ones you have to watch out for in the end. Maybe I’m giving her more credit than she deserves, but I think Alecia is the best player on this tribe even if only because of pure dumb luck.

2. Kyle Jasonodds to win 50/1
Despite a second episode edit showing him as lazy and generally mean-spirited, Jason might be the hardest-working member of the tribe. Hear me out — I mean to say that he’s working hard at his game play. He clearly feels safe enough to justify laziness — his safety is based on the idea that it would be dumb for his tribe to vote him out and lose his strength in challenges. And he’s right about that. But he’s also working hard to break Alecia down into a loyal follower who he can use later in the game. His constant disrespect for her, I think, is his way of molding her into someone that will do what he wants to her to  — a position that both Darnell and Jennifer were unlikely to ever fit into. He’s taking a big risk playing like that, but so far he’s doing it well.

3. Cydney Gillonodds to win 28/1
None of the Brawn members have particularly good odds to win at this point in the game, but Cydney has the best of the lot. However, while most people might see Alecia as the odd man out left in the tribe, my vote for that title would now be Cydney. Remember that in the first episode, Cydney was shown building an alliance with Darnell … right before he went home. If Cydney was in control of her tribe’s votes, Darnell would not have been voted out. Instead it is Scot and Jason who are in control of Cydney’s vote, meaning if Alecia is able to avoid the target again, Cydney’s neck will be on the chopping block, not either of the guys.

4. Scot Pollardodds to win 100/1
It’s no surprise to me that users have predicted Scot as the least likely winner from the Brawn tribe. Have we really seen him do anything significant so far in the game? The best thing I’ve seen from him was in the last tribal council where he picked up on Jennifer’s stupid remarks and held her accountable for them. But other than that the strategy seems to be coming from Jason and possibly Cydney. And we can’t really commend his physical strength because it has yet to result in a win for his team. I also can’t get passed his notion that his status as a former professional athlete who probably made a lot of money at some point in his life won’t hurt his ability to win.

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Who will win ‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’?

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