[LISTEN] ‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ castoff Julia Sokolowski on being ‘blindsided’ by Michele Fitzgerald

“I was definitely blindsided by Michele Fitzgerald voting for me,” declares the latest “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” castoff Julia Sokolowski to Gold Derby (listen above) about being betrayed by her former Beauty alliance member. “The one thing that I just wish we saw more of [on the show] was my relationship with Michele. To this day she’s one of my best, best friends. But it was hard to watch.”

Julia and Kyle Jason were both outnumbered last night going into Tribal Council, so why did the tribe decide to oust her over him? “At the time, I was a little bit more of a threat than Jason because of my relationship with Michele,” she notes. “Michele and I were a tight two and a lot of times — we’ve seen it in the past — pairs are threatening and pairs can do really, really well and go really, really far. Obviously Michele wasn’t an option to vote out last night and she definitely had a better relationship with Aubry Bracco than I did. So, I was much more of a target and I knew that going into Tribal.”

What does Julia make of last week’s shocker when Tai Trang failed to save Scot Pollard with the super idol? “You look at that from a jury perspective and when you’re screwing over two people and potentially really harming Jason’s game, that’s not strategically smart in so many ways. We were really angry and really caught off guard and it definitely put Jason and I on the bottom really, really fast.”

Also in our exit interview, Julia talks about how Caleb Reynoldsmedical evacuation was the turning point in her game, which former castaways she’d love to play with, and who she wants to win the $1 million. Click the video above to listen to our Q&A podcast. See our power rankings of the Top 3 and Bottom 3 castaways still in the running to win Season 32.

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