[LISTEN] ‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ castoff Kyle Jason reveals medical emergency he kept hidden

“I went to a hospital after I got voted out. I had a very bad infection in my foot that I was keeping secret until I got eliminated,” reveals the latest “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” castoff Kyle Jason to Gold Derby (listen above) following his ouster. “I saw what happened to Neal Gottlieb [who was evacuated], and I did not want the same fate so I kept it to myself. I kept my shoes on and I kept it nice and hidden.”

“I ended up going to the hospital and they had to cut my foot open and scrape everything out,” he continues. “I got pretty much the same type of infection Liz and Neal did in my foot. On top of that, my gums are swollen because I lost three teeth during the game. So, I was playing a good section of that game losing teeth.”

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As for his sometimes-controversial game decisions, how did Jason’s family react? “They absolutely loved it. My wife and kids could not be any prouder of me. They’ve been so supportive and love my game play. My mother has been on top of the world, telling everybody that’s her baby on there. They love how true I stayed to myself and they love how strong I was out there.”

Also in our exit interview, Jason says that he got his immunity idol back from Scot Pollard and that “Currently, my daughter is wearing it to school today.” He also dishes Mark the chicken, Tai Trang‘s game moves and who his favorite castaways are from previous seasons. Click the video above to listen to our Q&A podcast and then be sure to sound off in the comments section below or right here in our reality TV forums.

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