‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ season finale: 10 photos from live reunion show

If you haven’t seen the season 32 finale of “Survivor,” STOP READING RIGHT HERE and come back later, but for the rest of you….

Congratulations to Michele Fitzgerald for winning “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” in a nailbiting finale that gave us a fire-making tie-breaker, a first-ever jury elimination and a tearful farewell to Mark the chicken. Scroll through our photo gallery above featuring 10 photos from CBS’s live reunion show.

‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ season finale: Michele Fitzgerald WILL win, but Aubry Bracco SHOULD win

Michele ended up winning with an overwhelming 5 votes from the jury, compared to 2 for runner-up Aubry Bracco and 0 for fan-favorite Tai Trang. In a twist, the eighth vote ended up not being cast, as Michele got to eliminate Neal Gottlieb from the jury after winning the final reward challenge. The fourth-place finisher was Cydney Gillon, who lost the aforementioned fire challenge against Aubrey in a tense standoff.

During the fun reunion show, host Jeff Probst was interrupted on live television by none other than pop artist — and “Survivor” super fan — Sia. She was so inspired by Tai’s love for animals that she decided to give him $50,000, as well as award an additional $50,000 to his favorite animal charity. Probst then chatted with Drew Carey about the upcoming “Survivor”-themed episode of “The Price is Right,” airing May 23 on CBS.

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