‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’: Who has the advantage heading into the tribe swap?

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Last week on “Survivor: Kaoh Rong,” two castaways went home leaving 13 still in the competition to become the sole survivor. While both the Brains and Beauty tribes each have five members left, Brawn is down to three. But in Wednesday’s episode, that will all change as the castaways will be dropping their buffs for a tribal swap. How will this affect the game? Below, see my thoughts on who has the advantage and who’s at a disadvantage at the swap and then make your “Survivor” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down to predict who will be voted out next.

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ADVANTAGE: Peter Baggenstos
Peter took a lot of heat at the Brains’ first tribal council and rightfully so — his complete lack of self-awareness and cocky attitude led to Liz’s elimination and left him outside the four-person alliance headed by Debbie Wanner. At the swap, the likelihood that the Brains alliance is split between new tribes is high, leaving Peter with the distinct advantage of going any way he wants to. He could easily fold himself into an alliance with whatever original Brains are on his new tribe, or he could use his position as an opportunity to jump ship and become the swing vote that players from other tribes may need to gain control of their new tribe. The freedom he has may be what he needs to regain the power he always thought he had.

If we accept that Peter has an advantage then it must also be true that Debbie is at a huge disadvantage. The firm control that she has over the current Brains tribe will surely be lost when the alliance is split up and Peter will likely be looking to Debbie as the target of his revenge (should he seek it out). The threat of Peter aside, Debbie will also once again have to prove to her new tribe that her work ethic and survival skills are worth keeping her around for. There’s a good chance though that her personality will clash with her new tribe — I can see major power dynamic struggles between her and Kyle Jason and/or Scot Pollard, for example.

Speaking of struggles for power, Kyle Jason is going to have to work hard to overcome the numbers deficit all the Brawn members face going into the swap. Jason though has the advantage of also having a hidden immunity idol that only Scot and Cydney Gillon know about. If he finds himself in the position of going home, Jason will be able to use his idol to broker himself into a new alliance. If he can’t do that, well then he can always just use it to save himself and pick off his biggest threat instead.

DISADVANTAGE: Anna Khait, Michele Fitzgerald and Julia Sokolowski
It’s hard not to group the three Beauty girls together at this point because editing aside (and I think Anna has the best edit of the three only because she’s been shown the most) there is no evidence yet to suggest which of the girls is wielding the power in their alliance. Unless all three are swapped to the same new tribe, at least one of them is bound to be split from the others, leaving them in the difficult spot of having to start over with a new alliance. And unlike Tai Trang, the girls don’t have a hidden idol and though Nick Maiorano may have been on the bottom of the original Beauty tribe, he’s likely to appear as a challenge asset to his new tribe. The girls seemingly bring nothing to the table on their new tribe, except of course the threat of their reunion with the rest of the Beauty tribes at the merge.

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