[PODCAST] ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ castoff Taylor Stocker says Figgy showmance was ‘distracting and disruptive’

“[It was] pretty distracting and disruptive to my game,” reveals “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” castoff Taylor Stocker to Gold Derby about his infamous showmance with Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa. Taylor was voted out in Episode 9, but he wonders whether the relationship hurt or even helped him. “I contemplated at Ponderosa that it possibly could have furthered my game, and you never know because you can’t go back in time now.”

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Does Taylor regret the showmance, or would he play the same way if he could do it all over again? “Figs would probably say that it was bad for her game, but it pushed my game a lot farther,” he admits. “And so I can’t say that I would do things different knowing that.”

As for the status of “Figtails” today, Taylor says that he and Figgy did not stay in touch. “I wouldn’t be opposed to talking with her, but there’s definitely a lot of animosity on her end.” When they reunite at next month’s “Survivor 33” reunion show, Taylor is preparing himself for a “pretty awkward” meeting. “Maybe a little bit Jerry Springer-ish. Who knows? We’ll find out what happens!”

Taylor surmises that hiding the food “probably wasn’t any of the reasons that I had been voted out,” but he says by revealing his cards at Tribal Council, it told people he was “capable of scheming and keeping secrets.” He explains, “I talked with Jay Starrett and thought that it would be best to reveal it at Tribal so that Adam Klein wouldn’t have any time to scheme and talk with his alliance, and just hope that they would turn on him instead of Jay and myself.”

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