[PODCAST] ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ castoff Mari Takahashi: ‘I feel like I failed’

“I feel like I failed, and for me that hurts the most,” confesses “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” castoff Mari Takahashi to Gold Derby about being blindsided by her tribe in Episode 2. “I failed the relationships that I could have nurtured on the island, [and I was] too naive in deflecting things that might have been giant signals.”

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Mari was a member of the Millennials tribe (ages 18-31) and had a strong bond with Hannah ShapiroAdam Klein and Zeke Smith. So why did the “cool kids” choose to eliminate Mari first? “Looking at the conversations that Michelle Schubert was having, I was perceived to be a strategic threat. As much as I’d like to take that as a compliment, I find it unfortunate that so early on they took out somebody that could have helped the rest of the Millennials get to the merge.”

As for the cyclone in the first episode, Mari reveals that all 20 castaways were taken to the same “cement box” and that they “had a great time.” However, she notes, “We were babysat the entire time so that there was no game play talk and that there would be no progression of the story. We were only able to talk about things that you would talk about on an airplane.”

Also in our Q&A podcast, Mari chats about how being too smart hurt her in the game, whether she endured any series medical emergencies, and whether she thought that the “puppy” comment to Hannah at Tribal Council prompted Hannah to vote her out.

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