‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ recap: Who was voted out after first-ever cyclone evacuation?

“This will be the battleground for a ‘Survivor’ culture war,” announced four-time Emmy-winning host Jeff Probst at the top of Wednesday’s premiere of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” For the show’s 33rd season on CBS, the 20 castaways were divided into two tribes based solely on their age — Millennials (ages 18-31) and Gen X (ages 33-52) — but an unexpected twist occurred when a cyclone caused the entire cast to be evacuated for their own safety.

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After Probst revealed this season’s age theme to the castaways, their first test in Fiji was to scatter throughout the beach to find various items, some of which possessed short-term value (like fruits) with others having long-term value (like fishing gear). Among the options was an envelope that Gen X-er Jessica Lewis discovered and quickly shoved down her pants. She opened it later in private, revealing the first-ever Legacy Advantage that will provide the holder of the envelope (she can give it away if she’s eliminated) with a special edge on Day 36.

Probst warned the castaways that it was cyclone season in Fiji, and after a rough storm on the first night, everyone had to be evacuated for the first time in the show’s 33 seasons. During their time away from camp, a tree toppled over and landed on the Gen X shelter, proving that producers made the right call in sending the contestants to temporary safety.

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The Millennials tribe won the first combined Reward/Immunity challenge, sending Gen X to tribal council. The choice came down to Rachel Ako vs. CeCe Taylor, with David Wright and Sunday Burquest also receiving stray votes. But in the end, Rachel’s tribe mates decided to eliminate her because of her poor social skills and her inability to perform well in the puzzle portion of the Immunity challenge.

Based on the racetrack odds derived from our readers’ predictions, Rachel’s ouster was not entirely unexpected as she ranked third place on our elimination chart with 7/1 odds. Instead, our readers thought Sunday would be voted out first (19/10 odds), followed by Paul Wachter in second place (9/2 odds). See more “Survivor” odds and rankings right here.

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leaderboard-survivor-sep-21Congratulations to our three readers who tied with perfect 100% accuracy in predicting the “Survivor” season premiere: Dferny, Adam Rock and Gwensphyre. They predicted that Rachel would be eliminated, that the Millennials would win both Reward and Immunity, that no hidden immunity idols would be used and that no one would be medevaced. To see where you rank, visit the full leaderboard right here.

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