[WATCH] ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ runner-up Hannah Shapiro: ‘Adam’s a very worthy winner’

“I think Adam Klein‘s a very worthy winner,” reveals “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” runner-up Hannah Shapiro on the red carpet following Wednesday’s two-hour Season 33 finale and reunion show. “I think he played a fantastic game and I think he was fighting for something that’s so beautiful. On the island I obviously wasn’t aware what was motivating him.”

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Adam Klein | Ken McNickle | Hannah Shapiro

Hannah and Ken McNickle ended up tying for second place overall with zero votes to win, while Adam won the $1 million prize in a bonafide “Survivor” landslide by earning all 10 jury votes. “I went into final tribal thinking, I feel like I have an argument for this game,” Hannah explains. “I know the game that I’ve played, and I fought very hard. The me that entered the game on Day 1 is not the me that was sitting there at final tribal. I was gonna stand up for myself and defend the moves I made.”

So what does Hannah think is the best move she made in the entire game? She answers, “Forging the relationships with the nerds and that alliance and playing with people that I could actually play with. I took control of my game once I started playing with Adam, David Wright, Ken — the people that I could really maneuver the game with.”

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Also in our “Survivor” exit interview, Hannah chats about how the tribe’s decision to vote out Michaela Bradshaw woke her up to the game play around her, what it was like sitting in front of the one and only Jeff Probst, what her definition of a “trust cluster” is, and that she’s “open” to playing the game again.

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