‘Survivor’ Season 33 predictions: Bottom 4 castaways are Sunday Burquest, Will Wahl, Hannah Shapiro, Bret LaBelle

With only eight castaways still in the hunt to be named the winner of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” it’s time we take a closer look at the paths each can take to get to the final tribal council. We’ve ranked the final eight in terms of the likelihood that they’ll win, based on their season-long odds on our prediction charts. Check out my take on the Bottom 4 castaways below, and then hurry to the predictions center to update your “Survivor 33” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by predicting who will be out next.

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Sunday Burquest25/1 odds to win
There isn’t much that differentiates Sunday’s game from Bret’s — they’ve been on the same tribe all along and have hopped alliances together. The move that Sunday can call her own that had a major impact on the game was during the tribal council that saw her arch nemesis Jessica go home in a rock draw. Sunday made the other alliance believe that they were going after Ken, which encouraged David to use his idol there instead of on their real target Hannah. That move kept Zeke from going home and sent Jessica packing. The problem that Sunday has is making anyone understand why it was a good move, a task made infinitely more difficult now that Zeke is gone anyway and her alliance is once again in the minority. As a finalist, Sunday’s best hope at a win is sitting next to players more villainous so that her personality leaves her as the only likable choice.

Will Wahl25/1 odds to win
As hard as Will tried to make a big move in the last episode — and he did, he voted against Zeke, after all — it’s going to be overshadowed by the fact that Adam used his own idol to nullify any votes against Hannah. Though that idol had no real impact because Will’s fifth vote against Zeke would have sent him home anyway, it appears as the more bold move because Will’s own strategy was carelessly blown up by Ken. My guess is that Will attempts another bold move for the next vote, but unless it works out in his favor, it could actually seal his fate as the next elimination. Will’s strategy going forward should be to re-solidify his bond with Jay and together decide which players they’re going to use to advance an agenda that will take them both to the finale. While he wants it to be otherwise, the sad truth is that Will can’t get to the finale on his own.

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Hannah Shapiro100/1 odds to win
Hannah has taken a lot of heat in the last couple weeks, mostly thanks to Zeke’s animosity toward her for ditching their day one alliance for a new one with David. But now that Zeke is gone, the target on Hannah’s back as a distraction vote will probably shrink. That being said, Hannah will always be viewed as a “goat” — a member of an alliance that is carried to the finals rather than spearheading any of the big moves to get her there. Hannah’s best asset is that she’s likable and has made connections with every player. In front of a jury there won’t be the villain, but she’ll need to speak very well in order to convince her friends that she’s deserving.

Bret LaBelle100/1 odds to win
Bret’s game is still very much under-the-radar and for the most part he’s coasting along, happy to vote however the majority wants him to. When Zeke took Bret’s closest ally Chris out, Bret wasn’t bitter and joined Zeke’s alliance immediately. With Zeke now gone, Bret is going to jump ship with a smile again, which will keep him safe. The question Bret should be wrestling with is how far this strategy is going to get him and whether it’s one that will inspire enough respect to get him any votes to win. There’s potential for Bret to make a really big move and initiate a coup against a big threat like David or Jay — if he can do this I think he could emerge as a real contender.

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