‘Survivor’ Season 33 predictions: Top 4 frontrunners are Ken McNickle, Adam Klein, Jay Starrett, David Wright

With only eight castaways still in the hunt to be named the winner of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” it’s time we take a closer look at the paths each can take to get to the final tribal council. We’ve ranked the final eight in terms of the likelihood that they’ll win, taking into account their season-long odds on our prediction charts. Check out my take on the Top 4 frontrunners below, and then hurry to the prediction center to update your “Survivor 33” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by predicting who will be out next.

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Ken McNickle13/5 odds to win
Before the latest episode, there was an argument to be made that Ken was getting a soft winner’s edit. While he hadn’t been shown making any bold or game-changing moves, he was a competitive challenge player and an asset to every alliance he was a part of. He also seemed relatively likable among a cast that had very strong opinions about each other. But then Will made a power move, and Ken immediately blew it up. That move almost cost Will the game, but it definitely cost Ken the game. It’s likely that Ken can make an immunity run toward the finale, but now it feels likelier that he’ll be carried to the end because no one on the jury respects him or believes he deserves to win. That being said, there’s a lot of game left and juries are unpredictable — whether this one is bitter or not is something we won’t know for sure until finale night. If Ken can make it into the final three, there remains a chance that he can redeem himself and become the winner.

Adam Klein3/1 odds to win
If you hadn’t boarded the “Adam is getting the winner’s edit” train before the latest episode, the redemption arc that Adam received in this week’s loved-ones episode — specifically the amount of time spent on his emotions — should encourage you to buy your ticket ASAP. While there have been a number of mistakes made on Adam’s part along the way, the scene where Jay confesses that he may have been at odds with Adam many times in the game, but still respects him as a person, is very telling in terms of how a jury is likely to view Adam if he makes the finals. If I were to compare Adam’s narrative to any former winner, I’d say Jeremy Collins of “Survivor: Second Chance” is pretty fair, which is a very, very good sign for Adam’s chances.

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Jay Starrett7/2 odds to win
If there’s one person shielding David from everyone else’s eye it’s Jay. Before the game split into the Team David vs. Team Zeke war, Jay was the group’s biggest threat and now that the war is over he’s likely to start taking heat again. Jay has proven to dominate at challenges which means an immunity streak to the finals isn’t out of the question. He also is the only player still in possession of a hidden idol — that the entire group knows about it almost seems irrelevant now because they’ve yet to use that information against him successfully. Outside of an immunity run, Jay’s path to the finals will be difficult and will likely have to include Will staying in the game to support him. In front of a jury, Jay will have a lot of friends and a ton of respect for having outlasted everyone that at one point wanted him out.

David Wright5/1 odds to win
With Zeke gone, the game’s biggest threat is clearly David and that means his chances of making the finale in a season where every major target has been taken out early are slim. But, there is a chance he’ll still make it to the Final 3 — his core alliance now has the numbers to pick off the other players, after all. In front of a jury, David will have many moves to point to that will secure him a win over anyone he’s up against, but the main story for him will be the sentimental one — that he overcame personal hurdles to grow into a more confident player and individual outside of the game. As long as he remains in the game, David should be viewed by us as nothing short of the season’s most likely victor.

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