Susanne Bier dishes directing ‘The Night Manager’ and wanting to be a spy herself [Exclusive Video]

“I wanted to be a spy when I was a kid and this is a way of being in by proxy,” reveals director Susanne Bier as we chat about her latest project “The Night Manager.” During our recent interview (watch above), she clairifies, “For a director it’s an incredibly interesting thing to do. There are similarities between actors and spies in that they are someone else than they appear to be.”

Based on the acclaimed 1993 John le Carre novel, the six-part program debuts April 19 on AMC in the United States, coming off a hugely successful run on the BBC in the United Kingdom.

The focus is on the title character of Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston), the night manager of a lavish hotel in Cairo, Egypt. Pine is looking for revenge following a tragic turn of events early in the first episode and is recruited by a British operative (Olivia Colman) to help take down the villainous international arms dealer Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie).

On casting Hiddleston in the lead role, she explains, “He has that weird thing in his eyes where you look into them, and you’re drawn into him and very attracted by him. You aren’t quite sure who he is. It’s a profoundly enegmatic thing to his being, and I think that’s why he’s a perfect spy.”

The veteran writer and director is from Copenhagen, Denmark. Her 2010 film “In a Better World” won the Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. Another, “After the Wedding,” had been nominated in that same category in 2006. Other recent works have included “Things We Lost in the Fire” (2007), “Love Is All You Need” (2012), “Second Chance” (2014), and “Serena” (2014).

Photo Credit: BBC and AMC

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