‘The Amazing Race’ predictions: Scott & Blair have 7-to-5 odds to be eliminated on ‘We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today’

According to predictions made so far by readers just like you, it looks like Friday’s episode of “The Amazing Race” will be the end of the road for Scott and Blair. The father and daughter team, who narrowly escaped elimination last week, have odds of 7 to 5 to be bounced from the race this Friday.

In the first leg, they finished last among the 11 teams and were hobbled by a Speed Bump in the second leg. While they rallied with a ninth place showing, in leg three they were eighth of ten and last week were barely ahead of the bounced Brittany and Jessica

A plurality of our predictors, 41%, are forecasting a last place finish for them this week.

Another 28% are predicting that this week’s episode, “We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today,” will be a non-elimination leg. The teams will be set tasks in Chamonix, France. 

(Click on the chart to the left to see the odds and rankings for elimination as well as the winners of this leg and the season.)

Of the other seven teams, best friends Erin and Josyln and mother-son pairing Sheri and Cole, who finished sixth and seventh respectively last week, are predicted to be the most likely to leave. 

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Currently our #1 entry in our “Amazing Race” predictions contest is Jason Nolette with 88% accuracy and 29,025 points; he is predicting that no one will be booted this week AND that engaged choreographers Dana and Matt will win this leg. Do you agree?

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