‘The Good Wife’ series finale reviews: ‘Really brave ending,’ ‘controversial,’ ‘I wanted more’

“Really brave ending, but a really good one,” says shefhammer, one of Gold Derby’s many readers who are ferociously discussing the much-awaited series finale of CBS’s “The Good Wife” in our famous TV forums. This reader continues, “Made total sense and was true to every character – can’t ask for much more than that.”

What did YOU think of the farewell episode that saw Alicia (Julianna Margulies) at a crossroads in her life after betraying Diane (Christine Baranski) and seeing her husband Peter (Chris Noth) sent to prison? Read more of our forum posters’ thoughts below and then join the discussion here.

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PianoMann: Initial thoughts: I completely understand why this series finale, especially the very final moments, will be considered controversial, but I loved it!

jf123: I loved the ending. I understand why people don’t like it, but I really thought it was brilliant. I kind of wish they would have kept Josh Charles’ return a secret though.

Atypical: Alicia lost all agency here. That’s bullshit. Josh Charles rocked though. The show lost a monumental amount with his and Archie Panjabi’s exits. It all came into great focus tonight.

Choice Chayawat: I liked it a lot. Definitely not one of the series’ top episodes, but it’s how the show should end. Alicia’s happy ending with Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would be tacky, though she might eventually find him and end up with him later.

Zooey the Dreamer: Well, I expected that the finale would mirror the pilot in many ways, but I wanted more. Right now I’m mixed on it. But Baranski has her Emmy submission. This is a winning tape in a year with no frontrunner.

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