Oscar predictions: ‘The Martian’ will receive 9 noms including Best Picture, Director, Actor …

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20th Century Fox’s “The Martian” is the frontrunner to win Best Director at the Oscars for legendary helmer Ridley Scott, but our experts drawn from major media outlets think that’s just the beginning of this film’s accolades. These 24 Hollywood insiders who cover the Oscar beat year-round predict that the sci-fi stunner will earn nine nominations overall including Best Picture and Best Actor for Matt Damon. Scroll down to see the film’s racetrack odds for each of its likely Oscar bids.

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Best Picture
Our Oscar experts have “The Martian” as their #2 pick to win the top prize with 8/1 odds, behind frontrunner “Spotlight” with leading odds of 9/2. While 22 out of 24 experts predict a win for “Spotlight,” two experts instead opt for “The Martian”Tim Gray (Variety) and Jack Mathews (Gold Derby).

Best Director
Scott has the backing of 12 experts to win his very first career Oscar. That gives him leading odds of 27/10, just ahead of second-place contender Tom McCarthy (“Spotlight”) who has the support of eight experts. See right-hand chart.

Best Actor
Damon is in our experts’ Top 5, though he’s on the bubble in fifth place on their list with 9/1 odds. The frontrunner by far is Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Revenant”), who all 24 experts predict will win his first Oscar.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Drew Goddard adapted Andy Weir’s 2011 novel of the same name, and our experts give him 9/1 odds to win the screenplay Oscar. That’s good enough for fifth place on their chart, with the leader being “Steve Jobs” (10/3 odds).

Best Film Editing
Editor Pietro Scalia has won two Oscars (“Black Hawk Down” and “JFK”) out of four previous bids. While our experts predict “Mad Max: Fury Road” (13/5 odds) will win this year’s editing prize, they have “The Martian” in fourth place with odds of 7/1.

Best Production Design
Production designer Arthur Max has two previous Oscar nominations (“American Gangster” and “Gladiator”) and no wins. The experts have “The Martian” in fifth place to prevail with 10/1 odds, while the frontrunner is “Mad Max: Fury Road” (11/5 odds).

Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing
Our experts give the edge to “Mad Max: Fury Road” to win both of these sound categories. Meanwhile, “The Martian” is in fourth place for both Sound Editing and Sound Mixing, where it enjoys 6/1 odds in each race.

Best Visual Effects
Finally, our experts have “The Martian” in third place (4/1 odds) to win for its special visual effects. That puts it behind frontrunners “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (23/10 odds) and “Mad Max: Fury Road” (7/2 odds).

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Ridley Scott photo credit: Stephen Lovekin/REX
“The Martian” photo credit: Moviestore/REX

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