[PHOTOS] ‘The Voice’: 15 sexiest female artists of all time include Amy Vachal, Alisan Porter, Judith Hill and ??

NBC’s Emmy-winning “The Voice” has discovered some amazing talent over the past 11 seasons. During that time, we have been tuning in to see if amateur singers can turn into superstars overnight with the help of some famous coaches such as Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, and more.

In addition to their voices, can we also note on a more superficial note how unfairly and stunningly gorgeous some of these talented artists have been as well? Tour our attached photo gallery to see who we have chosen as the 15 sexiest female artists to advance to the live playoffs. Agree or disagree? Which of our picks do you think is the sexiest? Add your own picks in the comments below! And don’t worry about the men… click here for our previously-published gallery of the 15 sexiest male artists of all time.

Photo Gallery: ‘The Voice’ all past winners from Seasons 1-10

1. Amy Vachal – Season 9
Stunning beauty paired with an infectious, jazz-influenced voice make Amy Vachal my top choice for the sexiest female in ‘Voice’ history. Vachal’s ability to turn pop songs like “Bye Bye Bye” and “Hotline Bling” into sensual feasts for the ears simply validates her ability to exude sexuality without even trying. She’s that low-maintenance, natural beauty who is just as gorgeous in a pair of jeans and t-shirt as she is in a red-carpet gown.

2. Alisan Porter – Season 10
The powerhouse champion of season 10 holds nothing back on stage and is arguably the best female vocalist “The Voice” has ever had. If that weren’t enough, she’s a gorgeous mother of two who isn’t afraid to hop out of a mini-van and transform into a glam rocker on stage wearing short shorts and knee-high boots. Confidence is everything and Porter has it in spades.

3. Judith Hill – Season 4
The unique, exotic look of Judith Hill is only the outer shell that makes her one of the series’ sexiest artists. Her soulful voice may have not gotten her as far as she had hoped on “The Voice”, but what other artist can say they toured with Michael Jackson and had Prince produce their debut album? Clearly I am not alone in thinking she is truly something special. Her look is one you will never mistake for anyone else’s – and that’s sexy.

4. Sophia Urista – Season 11
Urista may have had an untimely exit on her season of “The Voice” but in that short time she made a major impact as the hottest rocker in this series’ history. Her punk-rock, funky delivery of songs like “Come Together”, “I Can’t Stand the Rain” and “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” combined with her fierce stage presence exuded sexiness in every sense of the word.

5. Tess Boyer – Season 6
The NFL cheerleader turned “Voice” contestant not only had an impressive set of pipes, but the body of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. The curvaceous bombshell is that traditional, all-American sex symbol that looks primed and ready to star in a re-boot of “Baywatch 2016.”

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6. Cassadee Pope – Season 3
Embodying the girl-next-door vibe, Pope is the kind of woman any guy would be proud to take home to Mom and Dad. She’s elegant, naturally likable and has just enough mystery about her to make her intriguing. It’s no wonder she captured everyone’s hearts on her way to the season 3 victory.

7. Tessanne Chin – Season 5
This woman is simply as cool as they come and her confidence is totally unshakable. Her beauty is one of Jamaican-Chinese descent, but her poise is all from within when she owns every stage she steps onto. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who owns who she is, and Tessanne Chin does just that.

8. Deanna Johnson – Season 8
This exquisite beauty has a sultry voice that only improved throughout her season. The singer’s looks may have distracted some viewers from her talent, but as she progressed each week, it was her vocals that finally got the attention she had hoped for. While her sex appeal was never in question, it was her talent she wanted to share with the world, and she was finally able to do that.

9. Sasha Allen – Season 4
A classic beauty, Allen was never one to use sex appeal in her performances. The Broadway star turned “Voice” contestant was always the epitome of class, style and grace. Her natural elegance paired with her powerful voice makes her sexy though, even if she isn’t trying.

10. Nadjah Nicole – Season 9
Edgy. Unpredictable. Unique. Hot. Without question Nadjah Nicole didn’t perform like she had hoped on her season but she remains one of the sexiest women to ever compete. One day she had short tight curls, the next she had a partly shaved head with a ponytail halfway down her back. She had no fear of “going for it” when it came to style, and that is sexy.

Photo Gallery: Best female artists who didn’t win ‘The Voice’

11. Liz Davis – Season 3
Davis is the hot, spicy country singer who was giving us all kinds of Faith Hill and Shania Twain realness in season 3. The big hair. The boots. The glitter! This woman was working 9 to 5 in hair and makeup and all night on stage. The queen of country music, Dolly Parton, would be proud.

12. Hannah Huston – Season 10
Who didn’t fall in love with Hannah Huston during season 10? The quirky, off-beat school teacher had the personality of someone all of us want to be friends with. But on top of that, she had a terrific voice and natural beauty.

13. Jordis Unga – Season 2
One of the most bad-ass rockers to ever hit “The Voice”, this tattooed beauty is the kind of woman you want by your side when a bar fight breaks out. The type who wouldn’t hide behind you, but is more likely to grab the pool stick and take matters into her own hands. She scares me a little. And that’s sexy.

14. Anita Antoinette – Season 7
The striking, bold features of Antoinette is that of a Cover Girl model – but it’s her easy going style and attitude she credits to her Jamaican roots that give her the sexy, easy-breezy aura. Her blind audition of “Turn Your Lights Down Low” remains one of my favorites, and is a perfect example of letting sexiness happen naturally without trying too hard.

15. Vicci Martinez – Season 1
The gritty rock singer went from auditioning in a t-shirt and jeans to competing in full body armor straight out of a science fiction movie by the end of the season. Her transformation was fun to watch. And although her style may have taken a turn, at the heart of it all she was the same confident rocker owning her own sexy individuality.

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