‘The Voice’ live shows: Who is the best Adam Levine artist in his final five?

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Just one season removed from winning his third “The Voice” championship, does coach Adam Levine have someone that could prevail this time? Many are wondering if this might be the worst team he has assembled in quite some time. Click here to watch our Gold Derby slugfest debating all artists moving on to the live shows.

The knockout rounds have come to an end, leaving Levine and rival coaches Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, and Pharrell Williams with just five remaining artists each. Next week all 20 singers will perform live for the first time, leaving their fates in the hands of the viewers. The top two vote-earners from each team will automatically advance to the top 12, plus each coach will then have an opportunity to save one more to move on as well. That means two members of each team will be eliminated next Wednesday.

Look back at last week’s power rankings for
Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine

Here is a look at how I rank Adam’s five contenders and which three I think will advance to the next round. Vote in our poll below and let us know who you think is best.

1. Laith Al-Saadi
Knockout Round: “In Your Eyes” / defeated Jessica Crosbie

Al-Saadi is so clearly the type of singer and character that wins “The Voice” that it’s almost silly to suggest that he wouldn’t advance as one of Team Adam’s top three. If somehow his captivating voice and the pure joy that exudes from his face while he performs doesn’t capture enough attention from the audience to vote him through then he will 100% be saved by Adam. Viewers will vote though and I think he’s already assured a spot in the finals.

2. Shalyah Fearing
Knockout Round: “A Broken Wing” / lost to Emily Keener and stolen by Adam

Easily one of the toughest knockout rounds to call, Fearing gave a fantastic performance of a classic country song released before she was even born. I think song selection is one of the most important things in determining who advances in these competitions, and this one is spot on. Fearing has a powerful voice that can transcend genre trappings, but was able to tap into the country aspects quite well on a show that has anointed many country singers in the past. Very smart.

3. Brian Nhira
Knockout Round: “Grenade” / defeated Nate Butler

Despite giving a great performance of a popular contemporary track, I don’t think Nhira will advance based on viewer votes — not when clear favorites Al-Saadi and Fearing are his competition. Instead he’s going to have to rely on Adam’s save, and I think he’ll get it because in the scope of the 20 singers left across all teams, Nhira is Adam’s most genre-specific. I find some subtle Michael Jackson hints in his vocal ability and think the rock/R&B thing is a huge trend in music right now that viewers will find a connection with further down the road.

4. Owen Danoff
Knockout Round: “She’s Always a Woman” / defeated Ryan Quinn

This is one of the performances that the judges loved but was a major IDGI moment for me. Adam called him “rough around the edges, in a great way” which is something about him that I do get. Without an urgent need for another ‘white guy with guitar’ winner of a televised singing competition, I have a hard time getting behind this one. My guess is that given the more unique talents of the singers I placed above Danoff there won’t be enough viewer support to offer him a spot in Adam’s top three.

5. Caroline Burns
Knockout Round: “Human” / defeated Katherine Ho

At this stage of the competition it’s almost criminal and kind of unfair that production reduced the Burns knockout performance to an “also moving on” edit. It’s like a nail in the coffin for a performer entering a stage where she depends on the votes of viewers who will have seen much less of her than her direct competition. That being said, Adam likes her “power, grace and range” and could save her. Doubt it though.

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