[POLL] ‘The Voice’: Which Adam Levine artist will win the 11th season and who will be eliminated next Monday?

Adam Levine has spent the last few seasons of “The Voice” attempting to get a strong country singer on his team. The idea is that he can win with them and beat country superstar Blake Shelton at his own game. If that is ever going to happen, it will be this season with Billy Gilman, the former child star that is attempting to reboot his career later in life.

Billy leads a team that feels otherwise lackluster for Adam, made up mostly of white male artists straddling the pop-rock-country genres. Simone Gundy is Adam’s only female artist and his most exciting, but lacks the star appeal of comparative voices on other teams. That being said, Team Adam should never be underestimated — he’s won three times — and though it looks like an uphill battle, with the right song choices he could produce a fourth champion.

As Adam faces off against rival coaches Blake, Miley Cyrus, and Alicia Keys, let’s take a look at his top five artists going into Monday’s first live show. Who will win the 11th season to join the past 10 winners in this photo gallery of the Emmy-winning NBC reality program? Who will immediately be eliminated on the next episode, and who will be saved by the audience vote? After reading our analysis below, tour our new Team Adam photo gallery and vote in our poll below.

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Billy Gilman (predicted to get audience vote)
Season 11 songs: “When We Were Young” (blind audition song); “Man in the Mirror” (battle song); “Fight Song” (knockout song)
Billy has the obvious advantage in this early round of audience votes because of his status as a former country star. Any residual fan base from that fame will be around to vote him through, but he’s also shown the growth and consistency that makes him deserving to advance.

Josh Gallagher (predicted to get audience vote)
Season 11 songs: “Stay a Little Longer” (blind audition song); “Stranger in My House” (battle song); “My Maria” (knockout song)
Maybe I say this every season, but there’s an advantage to any male country rock artist that also exudes a natural sexiness. This season Josh is the obvious heartthrob artist because he has that quality that draws the female audience members in and has that perfect swoon-inducing swagger in his performances.

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Simone Gundy (predicted to get coach’s save)
Season 11 songs: “I (Who Have Nothing)” (blind audition song); “You’re All I Need to Get By” (battle song); “Midnight Train to Georgia” (knockout song)
After the home audience votes through two artists, each coach then gets to save only one remaining performer. As the only female artist on Team Adam, Simone is the likeliest to be saved in order to maintain a balance of genres and genders. Adam has been successful with female artists in the past if they put together the right string of songs and performances. Simone could sneakily be one to watch out for.

Riley Elmore (predicted to be eliminated)
Season 11 songs: “The Way You Look Tonight” (blind audition song); “Cry Me a River” (battle song); “Haven’t Met You Yet” (knockout song)
The throwback style that Riley does so well is, to be frank, a part of singing competitions that I wouldn’t miss if I never heard it again. Look, he’s great at it and there’s an obvious audience for that music, but it provides less room for the artist to experiment and surprise audiences. The lack of variety in his performances is hard to look past.

Brendan Fletcher (predicted to be eliminated)
Season 11 songs: “Jolene” (blind audition song); “Home” (battle song); “Soulshine” (knockout song)
Personally, I love what Brendan does and based on the growth he’s shown so far he would get my vote. But he’s not a flashy enough performer to really stand out in the competition. Without a standout showing in the next round, he’ll be an inevitable casualty, and I’ll be sad to see him go.

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