‘The Voice’: Battles end Tuesday with epic fight of Bindi Liebowitz vs. Brendan Fletcher

The battle rounds ended Tuesday night for this 11th season of “The Voice” on a somewhat lackluster note. It was also unusual to see only three sets of artists spread out over an hour show. The most epic battle featured Bindi Liebowitz vs. Brendan Fletcher for Team Adam Levine. The three-time coaching champ is facing off this year against rookie coaches Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys plus four-time winning rival Blake Shelton. Will one of these artists be able to triumph this season and join the 10 past winners featured in this photo gallery?

Let’s take a look at Tuesday’s trio of battles, ranked from top to bottom. Want to know how we ranked the battles from the other recent episodes? Click here for the rankings and analysis from Monday, October 10. Click here for the rankings and analysis from Tuesday, October 11. Click here for the rankings and analysis for Monday, October 17.

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1. Bindi Liebowitz vs. Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam): “Home”
The best battle of the night was on Team Adam, but that doesn’t mean it was great. I don’t think either Liebowitz or Fletcher have tapped their full potential in this competition. There is no question that Fletcher has a great voice, but he is so awkward on stage it almost makes me uncomfortable as a viewer. Liebowitz, on the other hand, looks like a star and has plenty of stage presence but hasn’t quite found the right sound for her voice. I’m not sure Adam quite knew what to do with Liebowitz, so it came as no surprise that he chose Fletcher to advance. Blake ended up stealing Liebowitz for himself, making her the only artist from Team Adam to earn a steal this season.

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2. Austin Allsup vs. Preston James (Team Blake): “Bad Moon Rising”
Tasked with taking on a classic rock hit, Allsup and James were both able to rise to the occasion, making for a fairly competitive battle. At just 16 years old, James proved he had plenty of showmanship as he belted and growled his way through the song – but it all felt just a little forced. The much more seasoned Allsup simply outclassed James, looking as comfortable as one could on stage while delivering pristine, pitch-perfect vocals. After Allsup was declared the winner, James was sent home, meaning no eliminated artists from Team Blake were stolen by another coach this season during the battles.

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3. Gabriel Violett vs. Whitney & Shannon (Team Alicia): “More than Words”
It is never an easy task for a solo artist to take on a duo in the battle rounds.  The challenge proved too difficult for Violett, who is an accomplished Broadway performer who couldn’t get past looking like the third-wheel on stage tonight. The sisters have such a unique blend of voices; it is difficult to really pay attention to much else. Although I don’t think this song particularly showed anyone in their best light, Whitney and Shannon were the clear winners, and Viollett became just the second artist from Team Alicia to be sent home this season.

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