‘The Voice’ live shows: Who is the best Christina Aguilera artist in her final five?

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Christina Aguilera may have put together her best team yet for “The Voice” as she tries to become the first female coach to lead an artist to victory. Will she finally be able to overcome the boys’ club of previous champs? Click here to watch our Gold Derby slugfest debating all artists moving on to the live shows.

The 10th season knockout rounds have come to an end, leaving Aguilera and rival coaches Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine with just five remaining artists each. Next week all 20 singers will perform live for the first time, leaving their fates in the hands of the viewers. The top two vote-earners from each team will automatically advance to the top 12, plus each coach will then have an opportunity to save one more to move on as well. That means two members of each team will be eliminated next Wednesday.

Look back at last week’s power rankings for
Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine

Here is a look at how I rank Christina’s five contenders and which three I think will advance to the next round. Vote in our poll below and let us know who you think is best.

1. Alisan Porter
Knockout Round: “River” / defeated Daniel Passino

Porter is hands down the frontrunner of the season. Anyone facing her in the battles or knockouts were simply sacrificial lambs for this seasoned powerhouse who has been entertaining audiences since she was five years old. She will easily get through on fan votes, but in the worst case scenario, Christina would unquestionably save her over anyone else on her team.

2. Ryan Quinn
Knockout Round: “Drops of Jupiter” / lost to Owen Danoff and stolen by Christina

It may seem odd that I think the second-most likely to get through from Team Christina will be the only artist who lost their knockout and was not an original member of her team. The reason for this is simple: viewers will like him more than the coaches do. He is a good looking guy with a good voice and universal appeal – something that always helps when trying to attract as many votes as possible. My hunch is he will make it through on votes. But if he fails to do that, I doubt Christina will save him.

3. Tamar Davis
Knockout Round: “Lay Me Down” / defeated Maya Smith

Davis has the powerhouse vocals that her coach loves. With the right song choices, Davis could easily build her fan base over the weeks and become one to watch this season. She is one of the strongest singers on ‘The Voice,’ and if she doesn’t quite get through on fan votes, my guess is that she will get the final save from Christina to advance to the top 12.

4. Kata Hay
Knockout Round: “Why Haven’t I Heard from You” / defeated Joe Maye

The spunky country-rocker is a lot of fun on stage and, with the right song choice, could definitely advance. That being said, there is something off-putting about her personality. I may be alone in that thought; I just don’t find her all that likable. I question her appeal to viewers and whether Christina would save her over three others on her team. My initial thought is no, she wouldn’t.

5. Bryan Bautista
Knockout Round: “Sorry” / defeated Trey O’Dell

The soulful crooner has a good voice and has the looks to make an impact, but I just don’t find him all that exciting. Although he is a solid performer, I think he will get lost in the fray – likely landing him in the bottom three of Team Christina on results night. I have a hard time believing Christina would save him as the last to advance, and an even harder time believing he will be one of the top two vote-getters on her team.

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