‘The Voice’ knockouts: Which Adam Levine artist will be crowned champ?

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This past week the battle rounds for season 10 of “The Voice” came to an end, with coaches Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine each securing eight artists to advance to the knockouts. Those episodes will start airing Monday on NBC.

Looking for his fourth victory as a coach, Levine has struggled to get the artists he wanted on his team during the blind auditions and appears vulnerable this time around. Does he still have a shot to lead someone to the title? Or is he headed for defeat? Here is a look at how I rank his remaining artists’ chances to go all the way. Take our poll at the bottom of this article to let us know your top choice.

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1. Ryan Quinn

Blind Audition: “Can’t Find My Way Home”
Battle Round: “Maybe I’m Amazed” / Defeated Katie Basden

Quinn had a strong start to the season, earning a rare four-chair turn with a blind audition that showed off his powerful voice and strong falsetto notes. He wasn’t quite as impressive in his battle win over Basden (I preferred her), but remained consistent. With good looks and a strong voice, he could very well be the last contestant on Team Adam standing.

2. Brian Nhira

Blind Audition: “Happy”
Battle Round: “Sugar” / Lost to Abby Celso and stolen by Adam

This worship leader from Oklahoma first impressed coaches Blake and Pharrell with the latter’s hit song, giving a solid rendition that showed his range and smooth vocal style. But it was with Adam’s tune in the battle rounds where he really showed off his stage presence and versatility. He ultimately lost the battle (most likely because Pharrell knew he would be saved) and earned steal attempts from both Adam and Christina. He ultimately chose Team Adam, where he will serve as a breath of fresh air on a somewhat weak team. Don’t overlook this powerhouse vocalist who is now potentially the strongest singer Adam has to work with.

3. Owen Danoff

Blind Audition: “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”
Battle Round: “Runaway” / Defeated John Gilman

Folk singer Danoff earned an impressive four-chair turn with an understated but heartfelt vocal in his blind audition. He went on to defeat rockabilly artist Gilman in an untelevised battle. As a unique artist on the show who is alone within his genre, Danoff has a chance to go further than expected and could attract a larger audience than some might think. Although he seems like a quiet presence, don’t sleep on his chances of going the distance.

4. Caroline Burns

Blind Audition: “So Far Away”
Battle Round: “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” / Defeated Mike Schiavo

Unable to get a single coach to turn their chair in season nine, the 16-year old returned from New Hampshire to prove she had worked on her voice, and it paid off. After choosing Adam over Blake, Burns went on to win her battle against the more experienced Schiavo – a choice some of the other coaches disagreed with. No coach plays harder to win than Adam though, and part of winning is knowing what viewers like to see. The adorable personality of a young girl who barely reaches five feet tall was just too much cuteness for Adam to ignore as he proclaimed “she could be the next Sawyer Fredericks.” While she is cute, I think Adam’s hope she has the appeal of Fredericks is a dream unlikely to come true.

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5. Laith Al-Saadi

Blind Audition: “The Letter”
Battle Round: “Honky Tonk Women” / Defeated Matt Tedder

A seasoned southern-rocker with incredible guitar skills, Al-Saadi impressed Blake and Adam in his blind audition to move forward in the competition. It was his voice that got him a spot in the knockouts, however, as he proved by eliminating fellow guitarist Tedder in the battle round. Al-Saadi doesn’t have the typical look one would think could win this show, but that doesn’t mean he can’t. He brings something unique to the show and Adam stating “he will be around for a while” is telling.

6. Nate Butler

Blind Audition: “The Walk”
Battle Round: “Hollow” / Defeated Natalie Yacovazzi

Butler has a consistent “pop” voice and makes some interesting vocal choices, but he lacks charisma.  I thought he was given a gift when Adam chose him over Yacovazzi in the battle round, an artist who was probably Levine’s strongest female vocalist. That decision could come back to haunt the coach.  While Butler is “okay” he just isn’t memorable.

7. Jessica Crosbie

Blind Audition: “Viva La Vida”
Battle Round: “Electric Feel” / Lost to Nick Hagelin and stolen by Adam

Crosbie, a native of England, got the attention of Christina, Pharrell and Adam with a laid back cover of a Coldplay hit during her blind audition. After choosing to join Team Pharrell, she faced off and ultimately lost to the more charismatic Hagelin in the battle round. Pharrell made the smart choice here, as Crosbie offers little to stand out from the pack. Levine’s team lacks strong female vocalists, so she has a chance, but I’d be shocked if she made it to the live performances.

8. Katherine Ho

Blind Audition: “Wildest Dreams”
Battle Round: “Lovefool” / Defeated Lily Green

There isn’t much to go on so far, considering both Ho’s blind audition and battle round were not fully aired. They were only shown in montages to let us know she had advanced to the knockouts. From what I can tell, she has a nice, soft voice which could be appealing to some viewers, but she doesn’t seem to have a lot of star power – and clearly hasn’t had memorable performances thus far. My guess is the first full performance we see from her will also be the last.

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