‘The Voice’ knockouts: Which Christina Aguilera artist will be crowned champ?

The Voice knockouts Christina Aguilera Blake Shelton Pharrell Williams Adam Levine

Which artist on a stacked Christina Aguilera team is going to make it out of next week’s knockout rounds of “The Voice” alive? It’s possible that seven of her eight do, especially if rival coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams all use their steals on a Team Christina artist. Hey, anything can happen.

Here are my rankings of the eight remaining artists of Team Christina with a look at who has the best shot of going all the way. I’m pretty sure one of them is going to win! Take our poll at the bottom of this article to let us know your top choice to be crowned champ this year.

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1. Maya Smith

Blind Audition: “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man”
Battle Round: “Elastic Heart” / Lost to Hannah Huston and stolen by Christina

If it was me deciding, Smith would have already won the show. The Smith vs. Huston battle is the kind of stuff that an NCAA March Madness Championship game is made of. I think she is Christina’s best shot at finally taking home the win, but it will depend on whether or not Christina stays out of her way and lets her carve her own path.

2. Bryan Bautista

Blind Audition: “The Hills”
Battle Round: “It’s a Man’s, Man’s Man’s World” / Defeated Malik Heard

The judges thought this was the best battle of the round, and if that’s true (I don’t think it is) then Bautista in his deserved win over Heard moves into the knockouts as the overall frontrunner. Bautista isn’t a unique talent within an industry full of great R&B male vocalists right now, but he is very talented. I think his blind audition was fantastic.

3. Alisan Porter
Blind Audition: “Blue Bayou”
Battle Round: “California Dreamin’” / Defeated Lacy Mandigo

As a four-chair turn in the blinds and the embedded story of being a child actress, Porter was probably set to win her battle either way, but Mandigo gave her a run for her money. Porter could win — she has the voice and personality to go all the way — but her biggest challenge will be getting out of the knockouts against other “can win” artists.

4. Tamar Davis

Blind Audition: “Chain of Fools”
Battle Round: “Lady Marmalade” / Defeated Shalyah Fearing

It’s hard for me to look past Christina’s terrible decision of “Lady Marmalade” as a battle round song, but I think there’s something positive to be said about Davis’ energy and an ability to inject so much personality into an iconic song. On any other team, Davis could be the star, but Team Christina is stacked, making her chances to stand out much tougher.

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5. Daniel Passino

Blind Audition: “Marvin Gaye”
Battle Round: “Turning Tables” / Defeated Kristen Marie

Christina hit the nail on the head when she prefaced Daniel’s battle by saying he needs to maintain his tenderness. It’s that tenderness that is his biggest asset and it was shining through in his performance. I’m not gonna beat around the bush — I kind of really like him.

6. Trey O’Dell

Blind Audition: “Geronimo”
Battle Round: “The Chain” / Lost to Brittany Kennell and stolen by Christina

Christina saved Trey from elimination because she thinks he deserves to stand on his own. She loves his energy and his falsetto has her interested, which is something she’s said about a couple of other singers throughout the competition. I think there’s potential here to be good, but it’ll take some work for him to be great.

7. Kata Hay

Blind Audition: “Redneck Woman”
Battle Round: “I’m the Only One” / Defeated Chelsea Gann

It’s easy to see why Christina is drawn to Kata — she has this bad girl aspect to her performances that is indicative of Christina herself. For me, Kata lacks the control that is necessary to appeal to a wide audience and she, frankly, isn’t as good as everyone else on this otherwise really great team. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her make it through knockouts, but it’ll have to be on a save, not a win.

8. Joe Maye

Blind Audition: “I Put a Spell on You”
Battle Round: “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” / Defeated Ayanna Jahnee

In the little we saw of Joe’s battle, we know that Christina chose him for his charisma and energy. But a lot of the artists have that and the screen time to back it up. I don’t see him making it out of the next phase of the competition.

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