‘The Voice’: Miley Cyrus power rankings for her 8 team members have Aaron Gibson in 1st place

Rookie coach Miley Cyrus is bringing an exciting and new perspective to “The Voice” this season and has also managed to put together the most diverse team featuring pop, funk, rock, folk and soul. But will her inexperience help or hinder her quest for victory? Veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, along with fellow rookie Alicia Keys, have also put together strong teams with their own hopes of winning a championship.

Which member of Team Miley could become this year’s champ? And who will be sent home following these knockout rounds? Here is a look at my power rankings and analysis for her eight remaining team members with Aaron Gibson in first place. Click here for my rankings for Team Adam, my rankings for Team Alicia, and my rankings for Team Blake. Click here for our fun photo gallery featuring the previous 10 champions of “The Voice.”

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1. Aaron Gibson
Blind Audition: “Losing My Religion”
Battle Round: “I’ll Take Care of You” / Defeated Sa’Rayah
Gibson may not be the obvious choice for a frontrunner, but he strikes me as someone who will be a breakout star this season. He didn’t appear to have much star power during his blind audition, but the magic that happened in the battle between him and his competitor Sa’Rayah showed him in a whole new light. He exuded quiet confidence, sex appeal, and a recognizable voice that is pleasing to the ear. He is my dark horse pick to make it to the finale.

2. Ali Caldwell
Blind Audition: “Dangerous Woman”
Battle Round: “Hit or Miss” / Defeated Courtnie Ramirez
Caldwell is quite possibly the most refined, poised diva in season 11. Her powerhouse voice always delivers, but she hasn’t yet had that perfect song choice to really show off her chops. She may very well be a frontrunner to win it all, but she’s got to pick the right songs if she wants to be holding the trophy at the end.

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3. Darby Walker
Blind Audition:”Stand by Me”
Battle Round: “Brand New Key” / Defeated Karlee Metzger
This quirky, likable indie artist is hard to take your eyes off when she’s on stage. Her unique interpretation of “Stand by Me” and her perfect delivery of “Brand New Key” proved that she’s in this competition for the long haul. Her biggest hurdle is the fact that we’ve seen odd, interesting artists like her before, but none have ever been crowned champion on “The Voice.”

4. Josh Halverson
Blind Audition: “Forever Young”
Battle Round: “The House of the Rising Sun” / Lost to Kylie Rothfield (then stolen by Miley)
This mesmerizing indie-rock/folk artist may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he definitely brings a unique presence to this season. He is an experienced musician who knows how to effectively express the lyrics in a song, although at times the facial expressions that go along with that can appear borderline psychotic. I’m hopeful the judges and viewers at home find him as intriguing as I do and keep him in the competition.

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5. Sophia Urista
Blind Audition:”Come Together”
Battle Round: “Money” / Defeated Lane Mack
This pint-sized rock star packs a powerful punch when she lets loose on stage. She has a more dynamic presence than most within this competition, but I don’t think she has had a truly memorable moment to make her stand out. She definitely has potential, but I’m not completely convinced she has staying power.

6. Lauren Diaz
Blind Audition:”If I Ain’t Got You”
Battle Round: “Maybe” / Lost to We’ McDonald (then stolen by Miley)
Diaz has had a memorable run thus far, impressing her idol and coach, in the blind audition before losing an exhilarating battle to McDonald. But while Diaz seems to have a good voice, a great look and all the appeal one could expect of a pop star, there just seems to be a disconnect when she sings. This leads me to believe her time could be limited.

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7. Josette Diaz
Blind Audition: “Love Yourself”
Battle Round: “She’s Got You” / Defeated Charity Bowden
As the last picked contestant of the season, Diaz may have started out on Team Miley as the underdog but still managed to advance through the battles. Although we’ve only seen the full performance of her blind audition, from what I can tell, this sweet, bubbly teenager has a lot of appeal but isn’t quite ready for the big leagues.

8. Maye Thomas
Blind Audition: “Roses”
Battle Round: “For What It’s Worth” / Defeated Khaliya Kimberlie
After a formidable audition that didn’t exactly “wow” the audience, Thomas’ battle round was not shown in full to viewers at home. She has a unique personality, but vocally hasn’t done anything to separate herself from the pack. My guess is she will be exiting the competition shortly.

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