[PHOTOS] ‘The Voice’: All 12 Blake Shelton team members ranked from top to bottom

Country superstar Blake Shelton has now selected his 12 team members for the current autumn season of “The Voice” on NBC. He has already been the winning coach four times in the show’s 10-year history (seasons 2, 3, 4 and 7) and now faces off against longtime rival Adam Levine and rookie coaches Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys.

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Here are my rankings of the dozen members of Team Blake from top to bottom. Vote in our poll below and tell us who you think is the best artist. And be sure to tour our photo gallery of all 12 performers above. Our other featured photo gallery features all “The Voice” past winners from the first 10 seasons.

1. Courtney Harrell (from Los Angeles, CA)
As a professional songwriter, Harrell has experience that not many of the other artists have. In the past singers have excelled at performing their own songs so Harrell has a really unique opportunity to stand out in that way this season. The partnership with Blake is interesting, especially over Alicia, but I think he’ll let her do her own thing and it’ll work well to get her to the finale.

2. Josh Gallagher (from Cresson, PA)
Gallagher is the frontrunner for me in terms of getting the season’s heartthrob vote. He has a solid country voice that lends itself to a variety of country songs, and Blake knows how to make what Gallagher brings to the table very successful on this show.

3. Sundance Head (from Porter, TX)
Experience. Huge country, rock, soul voice. Father. Guitar. Sweet demeanor. Blake as a coach. Head has all the ingredients that have made so many artists successful on the show and he’s in for the long haul.

4. Austin Allsup (from Fort Worth, TX)
It surprises me that Blake was the only coach to turn around because I think there’s a lot in Allsup’s voice and performance that suggests he could contend for the win. Hopefully the pairing with Blake can still create a few surprising moments for him to gain fans typically of other genres.

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5. Blaine Long (from Chandler, AZ)
I don’t want to suggest that Long’s personal story of being a blue collar worker all his life and having adopted two kids is what will make him succeed on the show, but it’s certainly going to help. He’s a lovable older performer with a great voice, and together with his story he’s a formidable contender.

6. Dana Harper (from Dallas, TX)
Harper took a Nick Jonas song and made it her own in such a unique way that it almost sounded like a classic from the 90s. I think the unexpected match-up with Blake as her coach could breed some interesting song choices along the way.

7. Gabe Broussard (from Lafayette, LA)
If Broussard can get through the battles — a round I think he might have a tough time sticking out in — then his personality could really help him with the voting audiences during the lives. He definitely has a voice to go far, but it’s his confidently comedic personality that really shines.

8. Dan Shafer (from Mount Juliet, TN)
As the first single-chair turn-around of the season, Shafer’s journey on the show might appear like a steep hill to climb. Older artists haven’t fared particularly well in the past, but Shafer’s voice is smooth and has a youthful air to it and I think there’s a lot of room to gain new fans with every performance.

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9. Ethan Tucker (from Olympia, WA)
With the raspy kind of voice that works really well to make classic songs sound fresh, Tucker will surprise with every performance, but my fear is that it’ll become repetitive as the weeks pass. It’ll be tough for Tucker to compete against bigger, louder voices especially if he makes it to the lives.

10. Tarra Layne (from Pittsburgh, PA)
Layne’s pop rock voice will lend itself well to a variety of hit songs, but without more screentime on her blind audition she’ll have a tough time getting through to the lives.

11. Christian Fermin (from Buena Park, CA)
Although Fermin didn’t have his full performance shown, the pairing between him and Blake may prove interesting enough to create some special moments in his future performances.

12. Preston James (from Cheatham, TN)
The short bit we saw of James is promising, but that we only got a short snippet of his blind audition doesn’t bode well for his length of stay past the next round.

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