‘The Voice’ poll: Which Team Blake Shelton artist will win this season?

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As of now, Blake Shelton’s team looks a bit weak on the 10th season of “The Voice,” but never underestimate the four-time coaching champ. He is once again facing off against rivals Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine for the ongoing battle rounds.

Team Blake has a number of artists who may be under the radar at the moment, but don’t be surprised if one goes on to extend his lead as the most winning coach in the NBC reality show’s history. Here are my rankings of his 11 remaining artists with a look at who has the best shot of going all the way. Agree or disagree with these choices? Let us know by taking our poll at the bottom of this article.

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1. Mary Sarah
Blind Audition: “Where the Boys Are” (1.67M views)
Chair Turns: 4 (Blake, Christina, Pharrell, Adam)

With a vintage country style Sarah delivered a powerful audition that impressed all four judges. She predictably chose Blake as her coach and then went on to defeat Justin Whisnant in a less than impressive battle round. With industry ties that have led her to record a duets album with some of country music’s biggest stars, Sarah will likely be protected by Blake into the live rounds where her unique style and presence should garner plenty of votes.

2. Angie Keilhauer
Blind Audition: “I Hold On” (2.1M views)
Chair Turns: 3 (Blake, Pharrell, Adam)

Keilhauer nailed her blind audition with an effortless performance that showed stage presence, guitar skill strong vocals (most important of all). Following her performance Blake expressed, “It’s about damn time for a woman to do that in country music,” when describing her delivery of the song. We know Blake does well with country artists, and she just may be his strongest this season.

3. Adam Wakefield
Blind Audition: “Tennessee Whiskey” (1M views)
Chair Turns: 2 (Blake, Adam)

Blake is often able to secure sleeping giants on his team. They are the ones who fly under the radar at first but go on to become major threats to win later on. This season Wakefield is that artist. With impressive vocals that will attract a massive audience of country and rock fans alike, Wakefield should be taken as a serious threat to win it all.

4. Paxton Ingram
Blind Audition: “Dancing On My Own” (1.78M views)
Chair Turns: 3 (Blake, Pharrell, Adam)

As a background dancer turned lead singer, Ingram is a high energy, charismatic R&B performer who knows how to harness that excitement and deliver quality vocals. He went the unexpected route in choosing Blake to be his coach and then went on to defeat teammate Brittney Lawrence in the battle round. As Blake’s sole R&B singer, Ingram now has an advantage moving forward and will definitely be one to watch.

5. Katie Basden
Blind Audition: “Midnight Rider” (212k views)
Chair Turns: 3 (Christina, Pharrell, Adam)

Basden delivered a powerful audition that took place after Blake’s team was already full, but all three other coaches were impressed enough to turn around. She chose Team Adam where she then went on to lose to Ryan Quinn in a closely contested battle. Blake took the opportunity he didn’t have before to swoop in and steal her. She could prove to be a viable competitor on his team.

6. Peyton Parker
Blind Audition: “Dreams” (843k views)
Chair Turns: 3 (Blake, Christina, Pharrell)

With a voice reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, it’s no surprise Parker delivered a well-received rendition of a Fleetwood Mac song. She has an ease about her on stage, yet still has an ability to hit the much needed high notes that are so important in singing competitions. She’s another country-leaning but not totally country artist on Team Blake that has what it takes to go pretty far.

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7. Jared Harder
Blind Audition: “Merry Go ‘Round” (184k views)
Chair Turns: 1 (Blake)

Harder didn’t deliver one of the more hyped performances in the blind auditions, but as the only traditional male country artist left on Team Blake, there’s a good chance he will stick around. His smooth voice has range and emotion and he could be another sleeper on Team Blake to surprise people going forward.

8. Brittany Kennell
Blind Audition: “Strong Enough to Be My Man” (956k views)
Chair Turns: 2 (Blake, Pharrell)

With a unique vocal delivery compared to Gwen Stefani, Blake couldn’t help but turn around immediately following the mention of his famous girlfriend. Kennell’s understated performance also received praise from Pharrell, but the country crooner went the predictable route with Blake. She’s a solid performer, but needs to show more before I can consider her a contender.

9. Trey O’Dell
Blind Audition: “Geronimo” (214k views)
Chair Turns: 1 (Blake)

With only a brief clip of him singing thus far, the pop rocker hasn’t had much exposure on the show to judge so far. What he does have is the look a lot of young girls may like in a music star, which gives him one advantage moving forward.

10. Teresa Guidry
Blind Audition: “Girl Crush” (202k views)
Chair Turns: 2 (Blake, Adam)

With not even one full line of her song shown within a montage of three blind auditions, we don’t know much about Guidry. She did enough to get both Blake and Adam to turn around, but I remain very skeptical. Artists not shown fully by the producers don’t usually go far, but we will see how it turns out for her.

11. Gina Castanzo
Blind Audition: “Cecilia and the Satellite” (214k views)
Chair Turns: 1 (Blake)

Similar to the others at the bottom of my list, Castanzo only received a few seconds of her audition airing on the program. It’s difficult to get a read on this Pennsylvania indie rock artist. Described as an “odd pairing” with Blake, the duo may not last long.

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