‘The Voice’ poll: Which Team Christina Aguilera artist will win this season?

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Will Christina Aguilera finally be the first female coach to win “The Voice“? She faces off again against Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine with arguably the best team she has ever had for the NBC reality program.

With the battle rounds now underway, will she be able to make history and break into the boys club of champions in this 10th season? After all, as she said via her Twitter handle xtina, it is season “X,” perhaps a good sign for the Grammy-winning coach.

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Here are my rankings for the 10 remaining artists of Team Christina with a look at who has the best shot of going all the way. Agree or disagree with these choices? Let us know by taking our poll at the bottom of this article.

1. Alisan Porter
Blind Audition: “Blue Bayou” (4.1M views)
Chair Turns: 4 (Blake, Christina, Pharrell, Adam)

Each season there is a contestant that establishes frontrunner status from the blind audition alone. This season it was Porter, the 34-year old from Los Angeles. As a child of the 80’s it is impossible not to remember her as the star of the film “Curly Sue,” in which she proved she had pipes. Even then, she belted out “The Star Spangled Banner” in the comedy co-starring Jim Belushi.  After taking years off from show business, Porter’s new focus on music, her crystal clear voice, and impressive range could likely lead her to be Coach Christina’s first ever winner.

2. Bryan Bautista
Blind Audition: “The Hills” (1.995M views)
Chair Turns: 2 (Blake, Christina)

After an unsuccessful run in season 9 that garnered no chair turns, Bautista returned for season 10 with a smooth, solid performance that was able to put him on the show.  More impressive was the Brooklyn native’s battle-round win over teammate Malik Heard (stolen by Pharrell).  Coach Christina made the right decision in choosing the more charismatic of the two, proving he has both showmanship and range.

3. Tamar Davis
Blind Audition: “Chain of Fools” (700k views)
Chair Turns: 2 (Blake, Christina)

Davis began her music career in Texas as a member of Girls Tyme, the original incarnation of what became Destiny’s Child with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.  After delivering a powerful blind audition, Davis went on to also win her battle round over Shaylah Fearing in a rousing performance of “Lady Marmalade.”  Her big voice and stage presence could take her deep into the competition, but she’s not alone with those qualities on Team Christina.

4. Kata Hay
Blind Audition: “Redneck Woman” (1M views)
Chair Turns: 3 (Christina, Pharrell, Adam)

This spunky country singer from Oklahoma got every coach but Oklahoma native Shelton to turn their chairs. After an energetic performance, she promptly attacked the coaches who turned, showering them with hugs and kisses, a “Voice” first I believe. She went on to win her battle round against fellow country singer Chelsea Gann in what I considered a weaker performance. Although she stands out as the lone country singer left on Team Christina, there are stronger vocalists. But since she has already proven to survive the battle rounds, I’ll bump her up the list for now.

5. Daniel Passino
Blind Audtion: “Marvin Gaye” (934k views)
Chair Turns: 2 (Blake, Christina)

There was something magnetic about the way this former boy scout from Michigan came out and effortlessly crooned his way through this current hit single. With training in opera, Passino likely understands how to use his voice properly, which is always a benefit for a young artist. We will see how he evolves throughout the season, but he could be a potential spoiler.

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6. Ayanna Jahnee
Blind Audtion: “Skyfall” (212k views)
Chair Turns: 1 (Christina)

With a deep, powerful voice, Jahnee has the chops that can lead to memorable performances. The 20-year old Nashville native’s rendition of “Skyfall” was the final blind audition, leading Christina to turn her chair and complete her team (all other teams were full).

7. Maya Smith
Blind Audition: “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” (700k views)
Chair Turns: 2 (Christina, Pharrell)

After an impressive blind audition, Smith initially chose to go with Pharrell as her coach. She then lost in the battle rounds to her roommate Hannah Huston. Christina then stole her without hesitation (and with some competition from Blake) and praised her powerful voice. Smith’s biggest issue is an inability to fully control her big voice and stay on pitch, which could hurt her moving forward.

8. Joe Maye
Blind Audition: “I Put a Spell on You” (1.3M views)
Chair Turns: 2 (Blake, Christina)

Another singer who didn’t make the cut in season 9 but returned for season 10, the Baltimore cruise-ship entertainer impressed Christina with his soulful blind audition. His passion really seems to outweigh his actual vocal ability though, and that could eventually wear thin. Most people likely found the most memorable part of his audition to be the moment Christina joined him on stage and put on a vocal showcase of her own.

9. Kristen Marie
Blind Audition: “Mad World” (724k views)
Chair Turns: 2 (Blake, Christina)

Delivering a haunting vocal of “Mad World,” Marie impressed both Blake and Christina with her unique tone and phrasing. The Oklahoma native has an understated voice, which isn’t always what Christina relates to, so if she doesn’t step it up in the battle rounds, she could see an early exit.

10. Lacy Mandigo
Blind Audition: “Son of a Preacher Man” (400k views)
Chair Turns: 1 (Christina)

Considering her blind audition was basically cut from the show (only a few seconds were aired), I presume the producers did not feel it necessary to show her full performance for a reason. She will likely get more airtime in the battle rounds, but it is not a good sign for her at this stage.

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