‘The Voice’ Top 10: Brendan Fletcher, Christian Cuevas lead our performance rankings for Monday

On Monday’s live show of “The Voice,” the Top 10 performed in the third round of the live playoffs. Both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have their full teams of three still in the competition while first-year coaches Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus have each lost one artist. On Tuesday, three artists will be in the bottom to perform for the Twitter save, after which two artists will be eliminated from Season 11 of the NBC reality series. Check out our power rankings of Monday’s performances (not necessarily where I rank them for the full season) and then update your own predictions ahead of Tuesday night’s results show (see contest details below).

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1. Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam) – “True Colors”
Before the Top 12 performances I think I put Brendan down as the most likely first elimination. Clearly I was wrong about that, but I was also wrong in assuming he was the least likely of the group to have a shot at winning. With this performance Brendan proved me so very wrong. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to have someone perform “True Colors” for them exactly like Brendan did, with just a sax and a piano in support and the textured, intimate quality of his voice directed right at you. What a stunning performance.

2. Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia) – “Million Reasons”
What Christian needed this week was to make a huge statement in terms of who he is as an artist and whether his voice can meet the bar that some of the artists have set. I think he achieved exactly that in taking on this current Lady Gaga track. The last stretch of the song was especially impactful and likely secured him a spot in the semifinals.

3. We` McDonald (Team Alicia) – “God Bless the Child”
It’s a wonder how We` has ever and will ever perform anything other than Billie Holiday because their two voices really do feel cut from the same cloth. If We`’s goal with this performance was to exude some of the swag that Alicia has then I think she succeeded–on a bare stage she worked it with the star quality of someone who’s been singing with decades of experience.

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4. Ali Caldwell (Team Miley) – “Without You”
From the very first note it was clear that Ali was going to hit this big song out of the park. It was a gorgeous performance in the softer parts of the verses and a showcase of her power in the larger choruses. She was pitch perfect from the beginning and though the song erupted into a mix of singing and screaming by the end, the strength of voice that she brings to the table as an artist is undeniable.

5. Sundance Head (Team Blake) – “Me and Jesus”
Can we get bluegrass from Sundance every week, please? The genre and his personality are a perfect pairing because it’s lively and engaging. As the season’s first artist to break into the top 10 on iTunes, I think his audience is built-in for a trip to the semifinals, but as fun as this performance was I have a hard time seeing it match the place on the charts as last week’s.

6. Josh Gallagher (Team Adam) – “Real Good Man”
Josh is one of the most exciting artists in the competition because his style and approach to music is authentic and he is clearly comfortable on stage. When Adam said that with this performance Josh became a “country star” I can’t disagree — I think the song choice fit his voice perfectly and he took control over the entire performance.

7. Billy Gilman (Team Adam) – “Anyway”
After a few weeks of soaring pop songs, Billy turned back to his roots with a country song, The arrangement and delivery of this Martina McBride song still felt very pop though, which is where Billy wants to take his music and I think where he fits, but at the same time defeats the purpose of him taking on a country track. Billy’s ability is very much in the vein of the show’s two most recent winners so it’s hard to imagine him not in the finals, but this wasn’t his strongest show.

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8. Austin Allsup (Team Blake) – “Missing You”
For me, one of the best things about country artists, especially on a show like this, is that the genre lends itself so well to covering songs from other genres and making them sound new. I think this song choice offered Austin a tenderness that his previous performances lacked so it was overall a really nice moment for him as an artist.

9. Aaron Gibson (Team Miley) – “Rocket Man”
After two straight weeks having to perform for the Instant Save, Miley is right in her assessment that it was time Aaron do something more upbeat and well-known for this live show. While I think Elton John was a good choice of artist to cover, the arrangement they used made “Rocket Man” nearly unrecognizable outside of the chorus so whether or not audiences connect with this performance is hard to tell.

10. Courtney Harrell (Team Blake) – “If I Could Turn Back Time”
Courtney’s appreciation for 80s power ballads is so cute to me and in theory her decision to take on a Cher classic is a good one. Unfortunately the execution is lacking the finesse and quality that she needed to escape being in danger of elimination. It wasn’t her best performance on the series and she really needed it to be.

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