‘The Voice’ Top 10 power rankings: Billy Gilman remains frontrunner to win Season 11

Rookie coach Miley Cyrus is now down to two artists remaining on her team after free-spirited Darby Walker was sent packing on Tuesday night’s results episode of “The Voice.” Fellow newcomer Alicia Keys also has two remaining contestants, while the teams of veteran coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine remain fully intact with three each.

To help you make your predictions in next week’s Top 10 contest for Season 11, I have compiled my current power ranking. Taking into consideration the season as a whole, I examined how the artists have performed both on stage and on iTunes to determine their standing in the competition.

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1. Billy Gilman (Team Adam)
At this stage of the competition Gilman has made the smartest moves. Mixing signature ballads with well-known, more upbeat numbers is the way to the winner’s circle. He appears to be taking season nine champ Jordan Smith’s path to victory. You can also see in his eyes that he wants to win, badly! His smart song choices, competitive spirit and season-leading iTunes sales allow him to remain the frontrunner to win this season.

2. Sundance Head (Team Blake)
Coming off a leading sales week on iTunes that saw his cover of “No One” reach the top 10, Head is back on track as one of this season’s top choices. The soulful country singer has the best voice within his genre, and the audience is clearly picking up on it. His strong partnership with his coach, his likable personality, and his ability to translate songs of any genre into hits for himself is what makes him a threat to win it all.

3. We` McDonald (Team Alicia)
McDonald had the benefit and the curse of becoming the season’s earliest frontrunner immediately after her surprising and powerful blind audition, “Feeling Good”. But she really set the bar high for herself and thus far she has done a pretty solid job maintaining her momentum, but it hasn’t been perfect. Her song choices aren’t always the best match for her voice, but she continues to do well on iTunes and remains one of the most respected artists this season.

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4. Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam)
Fletcher’s stock is rising in this competition, and an underdog rising to the top is always fun for the audience at home to see. I named him the top performer from Monday’s live performances and his iTunes sales have been steadily among the top half of the contestants. The unique quality to his voice and his constant growth as a performer could very well lead him into the finals.

5. Josh Gallagher (Team Adam)
This heartthrob of season 11 has all the makings of a major country music star. Good looks, a solid voice and a magnetic stage presence are all qualities that can help Gallagher make a run for the title. So far his issue has mostly been song choice. He has yet to have a “wow” moment on stage that really connects with the audience and his iTunes sales are just okay. But the potential for a strong run to the finals is still there.

6. Ali Caldwell (Team Miley)
This former frontrunner had a major hiccup on Monday night when her performance of “9 to 5” just didn’t measure up to her performance from last week. As one of the best vocalists of the season, she really should be higher on the list, and I partially blame her coach, who makes terrible song choices for her team. Caldwell was the only artist who did not chart on iTunes this week, and that should be a major wakeup call to both her and her coach that she needs to step it up or she will be making an earlier exit than she deserves.

7. Austin Allsup (Team Blake)
The seasoned performer has remained one of the most consistent artists this season. His southern-rock style paired with great stage presence always makes for entertaining performances. But thus far Allsup has failed to stand out from the crowd. It is great to be consistent, but at some point Allsup is going to have to show he is the best of the night, not just in the middle of the pack.

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8. Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia)
There is a high likability factor for this big teddy bear-of-a-man who injects passion and feeling with each performance. But so far this season it hasn’t translated to a standout moment for him. He is consistently among the bottom contestants on iTunes, and his latest performance of “Rosanna” showed that although he is great at singing ballads, he has a lot of work to do in becoming an overall entertainer.

9. Aaron Gibson (Team Miley)
Since earning his place in the top 12, Gibson has spent two weeks at the bottom of the pack, advancing only by winning two instant saves. It came as somewhat of a surprise to me to see him at the bottom for his performance of “Hurt” on Monday night. It was by far his best performance and one has to wonder: if that didn’t keep him safe, what will? So what’s the upside for Gibson? He has had more opportunities to perform for viewers at home and can clearly pull out a save when he needs to.

10. Courtney Harrell (Team Blake)
Harrell is unquestionably likable and has one of the most endearing stories this season. The professional songwriter who is looking for her own moment to shine has put together some beautiful moments on record, but her live performances have left a lot to be desired. Her inconsistency can’t be ignored and I think she is going to have a difficult time moving forward if she can’t hit her next performance out of the park.

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