‘The Voice’ Top 4: Final chance to predict if the champion will be Billy Gilman, Sundance Head, We` McDonald or Josh Gallagher

The 11th season of “The Voice” concludes this week with four of the strongest finalists the show has ever had. Of those finalists, Adam Levine is the coach of two while Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys each coach one. Miley Cyrus failed to bring an artist to the finale but was in the house to lend her support to all the artists. These four artists performed on Monday’s final live show with results being announced on Tuesday. Do you agree with our analysis and odds below? Make sure you vote before the results are revealed.

Billy Gilman went into the night boasting our best odds to win at 8/13. But we also asked you to predict who would finish in second, third and fourth places. In those categories, you give Sundance Head leading 6/5 odds of finishing second, We` McDonald has 10/9 odds of finishing third, and Josh Gallagher has 1/4 odds of getting fourth place. Over the course of Monday night’s episode the finalists each performed three times: one cover, one original single and one duet with their coach. Thinking of the night in rounds, we’ve ranked the performances by each of the artists within those three categories.

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1. We` McDonald (Team Alicia) – “Don’t Rain on My Parade”
I screamed when they announced that We` was taking on this iconic Barbra Streisand performance. What made this perfect is that We`’s voice lends itself to the theatricality that she was able to put on display with this. Her voice was full and smooth and she completely owned it. We` belongs on Broadway.

2. Sundance Head (Team Blake) – “At Last”
I love that Sundance brought his season full circle by closing out with Etta James after breaking into Alicia’s “Fallin'” during his blind audition critique. Unlike his competition, what Sundance achieves in his covers of songs outside his genre is that he folds them into his own genre and makes them sound completely new. I don’t think I realized I wanted Sundance to win until I heard him do this.

3. Billy Gilman (Team Adam) – “My Way”
The idea behind taking on Frank Sinatra is that Billy was “flipping the coin” in terms of what he’s presented on the show before. I’m not sure he succeeded in showing a new side of him — this was still very much the towering vocals we’re used to seeing from him. But as the first performance of the night, Billy set the bar really high for everything that came after it.

4. Josh Gallagher (Team Adam) – “Jack and Diane”
It’s suspect to me that for all we hear about how Adam wants to win with a country artist that two of Josh’s three finale performances weren’t even country songs. Now, I think John Mellencamp fits Josh’s style really well and his voice sounded great, but I think his biggest issue has been clearly defining what type of music he’s going to put out after the show. That being said, his best asset is his confidence on stage and that was front and center here.

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1. Billy Gilman (Team Adam) – “Because of Me”
It’s interesting that Adam handed over what was going to be a Maroon 5 song to Billy, but it shows how much faith in and respect for Billy that he has. For all the classic songs Billy has taken on this season, I feel like with this original song we finally get to see how he can translate his talent into making contemporary music.

2. Sundance Head (Team Blake) – “Darlin’ Don’t Go”
The reason Sundance has had such success on the show is because there’s an authenticity and tenderness to his personality that comes through in his music. For me that’s not more evident than in this original song that he wrote for his wife. And it’s such a great song — one that could be covered in any genre and still work really well.

3. We` McDonald (Team Alicia) – “Wishes”
That the songwriter of this song could watch one We performance and be inspired enough to write for her speaks volumes of how easily she pulls people in with her talent. I like that the song reminds me of something Kelly Clarkson would sing because I think that’s the space We` could fill in the pop music market.

4. Josh Gallagher (Team Adam) – “Pick Any Small Town”
For his original single, Josh wrote a track that fits into contemporary country music so perfectly. The song has a catchy chorus and a message that will resonate with a lot of people, but also expresses his pride in where he’s from and who he represents as an artist.

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1. Sundance and Blake – “Treat Her Right”
Again Sundance confirms his authenticity by choosing a song that he has a personal connection to. It helps that the song not only provides Sundance an opportunity to do something different and have a lot of fun, but it also shows off the big rock elements of his voice. This needs to be on the first album he puts out.

2. We` and Alicia – “Ave Maria”
I think what Alicia and We achieved with this song is showing how operatic the quality of her voice is. The power and control it takes for her to tackle this brings such a high risk factor and it was mostly successful! I also think it was nice to see her start behind the piano for once.

3. Josh and Adam – “Smooth”
In taking on such a popular song, Josh and Adam are walking a very thin line between a smart decision on one side and a karaoke performance on the other. Unfortunately I think their rendition teetered too much toward karaoke mostly because it feels disingenuous to the type of artist that Josh is.

4. Billy and Adam – “Bye Bye Love”
I’ll assume they chose this song because Adam can’t match Billy’s power, which is kind of unfortunate for Billy because while it was nice to see him on something more playful the song doesn’t give him room to really show what he does best. And I could have done without the cheesy dancing and gesturing throughout.

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