‘The Voice’ Top 4: Billy Gilman, Sundance Head, We` McDonald or Josh Gallagher?

The four finalists on “The Voice” — Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher, Sundance Head and We` McDonald — will battle it out live next Monday (Dec. 12) for the Season 11 championship. This has been the most difficult season yet to predict as each of these four has been a frontrunner at various points of the competition.

However, at this late date it looks like Gilman will win. According to our exclusive racetrack odds based on the predictions of “Voice” viewers like you, he has overwhelming odds of 8/11 to take the title. McDonald, who led in the early episodes, has odds of 5/1 to pull off an upset. Slightly further back is Head with odds of 13/2 while Gallagher, who barely made it to the final four, is a longshot at 17/2.

Do you agree? Make sure you vote before the results are revealed on the live finale on Tuesday, December 13.

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1. Billy Gilman (Team Adam Levine) – Odds of winning: 8/11
Gilman is the quintessential comeback story. The former child protegee was a country star before he was even a teenager, but has since fallen on hard times within the industry. He is now proving that he will stop at nothing to show everyone he has what it takes to make it in the music world as an adult. His soaring ballads have performed consistently well on iTunes, including going straight to number one this week with “I Surrender.” On top of that, he has nearly 59,000 twitter followers, which is more than double everyone else in the competition – proving he has a fan base ready to make him the Season 11 champ.

2. We` McDonald (Team Alicia Keys) – Odds of winning: 5/1
This teenager was a frontrunner to win “The Voice” since we first saw her blind audition, “Feeling’ Good.” But since that strong start, McDonald has been somewhat inconsistent with her performances. She has also landed somewhere in the middle of the pack most weeks on the iTunes chart. But McDonald has a secret weapon: the young vote. It’s difficult to know what kind of arsenal of fans is voting for the young soul singer, but I do know that she was voted into the top three over other artists who performed significantly better on iTunes this week (Gallagher, Christian Cuevas, and Brendan Fletcher). She also has more Twitter followers than anyone but Gilman. If the men split the vote, there is definitely room for McDonald to sneak up and steal this competition from all of them.

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3. Sundance Head (Team Blake Shelton) – Odds of winning: 13/2
The soulful country singer has proven week after week that he can make any song his own and make any song a hit. Since the live shows began, Head has consistently led the way on the iTunes charts whether he was covering songs by Alicia Keys or The Judds. His likability factor is through the roof. We must also take into account how well country artists have done on “The Voice.” Shelton is, after all, the most-crowned coach in the history of the series. My skepticism for Head winning stems from Gallagher pulling away some of the country vote (Gilman could do the same for that matter). But Head could easily be Shelton’s fifth champion.

4. Josh Gallagher (Team Adam Levine) – Odds of winning: 17/2
Gallagher perhaps has more star potential post-competition than anyone on the series. His charm, good looks, stage presence and modern country sound are a Nashville record label’s dream. But he just doesn’t have the big voice to stand out in this season full of powerhouses. He had to battle his way into the finale by winning the final instant save of the season on Tuesday, which means he is going into the finale as the lowest vote-getter. As much as I like Gallagher, I think it will be nearly impossible for him to pull out a win. But don’t be surprised if he ultimately has the most successful career.

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