‘The Walking Dead’: Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is 47% terrifying, 36% annoying say our readers

New villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has killed off two main characters — Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) — and threatened the lives of countless more, but despite all that, only 47% of our readers actually find him terrifying. Meanwhile, 36% say that Negan is simply annoying while 17% are willing to give Negan a few more episodes before they decide. Which side do YOU agree with?

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“Negan and his henchmen talk WAAAAAAAY too much smack,” says TMC when explaining his vote that Negan is annoying. “I realize they are are really into the psychological control, the kneeling, wife stealing and mattress snatching/burning etc., but stop talking already, I’m bored with hearing them speak.”

Some readers agree with TMC, while others praise Negan’s frightening nature. Check out some other reactions (good and bad) from “The Walking Dead” fans who voted in our Negan poll:

Zaphod: “He’s a ham actor with cheesy dialogue lifted direct from the comic. Boring and spoiling one of my favorite shows.”

Kay: “You never know when he is going to beat someone’s head to a pulp so there is a fear factor.”

G8postgrrl: “Awesome and evil at the same time. I love him.”

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Jaime: “Morgan’s acting performance after the first episode has become stale, repetitive and somewhat boring with his mannerisms and strange voice inflections. If we don’t see a different approach, soon people will grew tired of this character.”

TWD fan: “Negan is mesmerizing!! Love him but hate him. Can’t wait to see what happens with the character!”

Marc: “The problem with Negan is that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, while a good actor, just isn’t ‘heavy’ enough for the role. So instead it feels like he’s overacting and overcompensating for a lack of presence. Or perhaps it’s not so much him but the directing.”

Alan: “JDM blows as Negan. His ‘rubbery’ body acting is annoying AF. There is no reason anyone would follow this clown.”

Cheri: “I think JDM is awesome and is making the character come alive while sticking to the comic book script. He has some of the best lines in the show! I think he’s gorgeous, too!”

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