[POLL] ‘The Walking Dead’: Is Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) terrifying or simply annoying?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s performance as Negan on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is one of the most talked-about TV characters of the season. But not everyone is on board with the villain. What do YOU think: Is Negan a terrifying new presence on “The Walking Dead,” or is his sadism simply annoying? Vote in our poll below.

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The season 7 premiere was both heralded and lambasted for its shock value. After the gruesome murders of Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Negan has been unrelenting in his quest to demean, humiliate and torture the characters fans have come to love. There is an uneasy sensation that creeps into every one of Negan’s scenes. His appearance is usually accompanied by boastful monologues, crude language and a direct threat to someone’s life.

Some viewers appreciate the sharp change in tone, reflecting a commitment to the story told in the graphic novels. Jeffrey Dean Morgan certainly won over critics, who nominated him for a Critics’ Choice TV Award for Best Drama Guest Actor. Detractors have labeled Negan’s many appearances as torture porn, with some arguing the unending sadism has gotten repetitive and unbelievable.

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Check out some reactions from “The Walking Dead” fans in the Gold Derby TV forums:

Babypook: I’ve decided I’m not going to watch another episode with Negan or whatever the f*** his name is. I see the sadism and glee continues. One of the reasons I watch “TWD” at all is because I am invested in the characters survival, or attempts at survival. If they decide to kill Negan, well, I’ll watch that.

BamaEd: I’m sure the character plays well in the comics, but on screen, it’s just way too over the top and comical at times.

Atypical: Negan is one of the most disgusting characters I’ve ever seen or read, yet I’m completely transfixed every time Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on the screen.

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