[POLL] ‘The Walking Dead’: Which community will take down Negan?

For the past six seasons, audiences have tuned into AMC’s “The Walking Dead” to watch the heroes conquer any bad guys standing in their way. Sometimes it led to war and sometimes the odds were stacked against our favorite characters, but Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his people always had some plan to outsmart and outplay even his worst opponents. Season 7 is a different beast, however, with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his band of Saviors a seemingly unstoppable threat. Rick assumed his experiences with The Governor or the Terminus cannibals would prepare him, but he was no match for the man with the baseball bat. Even the newly discovered communities of the Hilltop Colony and The Kingdom live in fear and servitude to the hostile Saviors. Can any of these communities put an end to Negan’s reign of terror? Vote in our poll below.

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Alexandria — The newfound home of Rick and company was certainly the most secure camp our main characters have ever lived in. It contains battle ready warriors like Michonne (Danai Gurira), Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Rosita (Christian Serratos). Negan dealt them a major blow by taking away their guns and ammo, but Eugene (Josh McDermitt) has a savvy plan to craft bullets. And as we saw in the inspiring call-to-arms during the walker infestation, even the meeker community members, like pacifist Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), are willing to fight to defend their home.

Hilltop Colony — Their leader Gregory (Xander Berkeley) is a nervous pushover, and most of their people are not fighters. But the Hilltop has a secure compound with tall walls and the large manor for safety. Unlike Alexandria, they also have plentiful crops to feed their community and a doctor to tend to the sick and wounded. With a pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan) visiting the Hilltop for medical treatment, it’s possible she could inspire the people there to take a stand and better defend themselves.

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The Kingdom — Lead by the eccentric King Ezekiel (Khary Payton), the Kingdom uses medieval type weapons such as spears, staffs and bows. Those probably won’t stand up to the Saviors’ guns, but The Kingdom’s true weapon is brain power. Ezekiel makes wild pigs feed on zombie flesh before handing them over to the Saviors. It’s unclear if eating the spoiled pigs will cause Negan’s men to get sick or die, but this type of thinking and planning could be The Kingdom’s key to survival. Not to mention they have a tiger for a pet, and an ally in one-woman wrecking crew Carol (Melissa McBride).

The Sanctuary — Could the Saviors be taken down from within their own base? Daryl (Norman Reedus) is captive inside. Though he appears to be a broken man, it’s hard to imagine him staying that way for long. Daryl will have his eyes set on revenge soon enough, possibly using Negan’s pen full of walkers against him. There could also be cracks in the chain of command. Dwight (Austin Amelio) was burned with an iron by Negan, who also took Dwight’s wife for his own. Dwight and Daryl could form an unlikely alliance and tear apart the Saviors from the inside.

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