[POLL] ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7: Who will die next? Spencer, Morgan, Gregory, Heath, Michonne …

The Walking Dead” opened its seventh season with the brutal murders of beloved series regulars Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun). Ever since the new big bad Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) took a baseball bat to their heads, a sense of dread has hovered over the surviving characters. Let’s take a look at which characters are most likely to meet their fate by the Season 7 winter finale.

1. Spencer Monroe (Austin Nichols) — Spencer is the last surviving member of the Monroe family, after his mother Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) sacrificed herself last season. He frequently butts heads with Rick (Andrew Lincoln), questioning his leadership skills. What’s worse, he has already aggravated Negan by denying him entry to Alexandria and hiding away two handguns. Rebellious hotheads like Spencer threaten Negan’s image as an imposing leader, so the Monroe family line might be ending soon.

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2. Morgan Jones (Lennie James) — Morgan has been around since the very first episode of the series. Few characters survive this long in the zombie apocalypse, so fans should be nervous for the Aikido master. His “no killing” policy has sharply divided fans, perhaps more than the showrunners anticipated. The writers could try to amend fans’ connection with the character by giving him an emotional sendoff. Morgan has already outlived his comic book counterpart, who fell during the infestation of Alexandria, so he is on borrowed time.

3. Gregory (Xander Berkeley) — The leader of the Hilltop colony has never been great with confrontations or inspiring his people. In the preview for episode 5 (“Go Getters”), Gregory is upset with Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and willing to potentially make a new deal with the Saviors. Any deal with the ruthless group will always be tenuous at best, and Gregory’s overconfidence has the potential to backfire in spectacular fashion. It’s difficult to see him remaining in charge for long, and leaders on the show generally opt to kill their rivals before they have the chance to be dethroned.

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4. Heath (Corey Hawkins) — Heath was written out of a large chunk of Season 6 due to conflicts in his shooting schedule for “Kong: Skull Island.” He and Tara (Alanna Masterson, written out of episodes to have a baby) are the focus of an upcoming episode which focuses on their whereabouts as the rest of the group dealt with Negan. A nasty death for Heath would give the two-hander episode a real impact and allow Hawkins (who also booked the new series “24: Legacy”) to pursue his blossoming career.

5. Michonne (Danai Gurira) — It’s hard to imagine “The Walking Dead” without its katana master. But the new romance between Rick and Michonne puts her in danger — just look at any other pair of lovebirds on the show. Gurira has also enjoyed increasing success outside of “The Walking Dead.” As a playwright, she was Tony-nominated for Best Play for “Eclipsed” and signed a deal with Marvel to appear in “Black Panther.” If Gurira’s schedule gets too hectic for her to continue with the show, the writers could opt to deliver another emotional blow to Rick with Michonne’s death.

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