‘The Walking Dead’ poll: Who died in Season 6 finale ‘Last Day on Earth’? (Cast your vote)

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Sorry, all you blood-thirsty “The Walking Dead” fans: The grim reaper decided not to make an on-screen appearance for any of the show’s major characters during Sunday’s Season 6 finale. While new baddie Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) apparently killed someone, we’ll have to wait until next season to find out which of the unlucky 11 characters at episode’s end was sacrificed by the TV gods. In the meantime, have YOUR say by voting in our poll below.

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According to exclusive Gold Derby odds that were derived from the predictions made by readers like you, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) had the best odds to die prior to tonight’s episode (“Last Day on Earth”) airing. However, because of the ambiguity of the final scene, all of our contest entrants who predicted that “No One” would die will earn points based on the odds they locked in throughout the week.

Congratulations to UberTag for earning the top score in this week’s contest. He is one of three contest entrants to earn perfect 100% accuracy predicting all of the questions this week, though he broke the tie with his high 7,850 point score thanks to using his special 500 and 200 point bets wisely.

A huge round of applause goes to SamEckmann for coming in first place out of hundreds of readers on our overall Season 6 leaderboard. After 16 episodes and 80 questions, he becomes our leaderboard champ for the entire season thanks to his impressive 84% accuracy and 95,623 point score. To see all of SamEckmann’s “Walking Dead” predictions throughout the season, click here.

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