‘The Walking Dead’ episode 2 recap: Top 5 moments from ‘The Well’ include Carol meeting King Ezekiel

After last week’s eye-popping Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead” that sent a shock wave through America, this week’s hour was by nature bound to be less eventful. But did it still deliver the goods? Written by Matt Negrete and directed by Greg Nicotero, “The Well” introduced a new well-established community called The Kingdom that seems too good to be true. Here are the Top 5 moments from Episode 2:

Carol meets the King – New character Ezekiel (Khary Payton) is given quite the introduction on “The Walking Dead,” as Carol (Melissa McBride) can hardly contain her bemusement at meeting a man who calls himself King and keeps a tiger as a pet. “I would be speechless if I wasn’t already speaking,” Carol says, grinning ear to ear. “I don’t know what the hell’s going on in the most wonderful way!”

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“Don’t Think Twice” – In one of the strangest moments of the episode, The Kingdom’s choir of young students sing a sort of Gregorian chant-style rendition of Bob Dylan‘s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.” Some of the song lyrics conjure up iconic moments from the pilot episode of “The Walking Dead,” such as “I’m walkin’ down that long, lonesome road” recalling Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on the highway to Atlanta, and “Look out your window and I’ll be gone” reminding us of Morgan (Lennie James) seeing his zombie wife outside his home.

Like trainer, like trainee – In a full-circle moments, Morgan gets to pass on everything Eastman (John Carroll Lynch) taught him about Akido to a young survivor named Ben. Morgan forges a fatherly bond with Ben as they train together, share a meal, and talk about the sacredness of life. Even though Morgan’s deceased son Duane is never mentioned by name, it’s apparent Morgan was thinking of him during those scenes.

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The pig trade – Things get scary when Morgan, Ezekiel and his men meet with the Saviors to trade pig meat for protection. What the Saviors don’t know is that the pigs had been feasting on walker flesh to fatten them up, which begs the question: if a bite from a walker can turn someone into a zombie, will consuming walker-tainted pork have the same result?

Carol and Morgan say goodbye – Much of the episode focuses on Carol trying to convince Morgan and later Ezekiel that she wants to leave The Kingdom and live alone. At the conclusion of the episode, Carol gets her way and tells her friend, “Ten more minutes and I might start to regret all the times I tried to shoot and stab you.” With a smile, Morgan responds, “I think you’re my favorite person I ever knocked out. Definitely top two or three.”

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