‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4 recap: Top 5 moments from ‘Service’ include Negan’s return, Rick’s confession

The Walking Dead” finally brought the action back to Alexandria in the latest episode, titled “Service.” The survivors in the safe zone learned what life would be like under Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) rule. The maniacal leader of the Saviors struck terror in the hearts of Alexandrians from the moment he knocked on the front gate. The sight of Negan strolling through the once-safe space that was Alexandria was shocking, but it wasn’t the only jaw dropper in this supersized episode. Let’s take a look at five of the best moments from Season 7, Episode 4.

Target practice — Michonne (Danai Gurira) sneaks out of the house in the early morning with a rifle. She walks to the middle of a clearing and waits in silence for a zombie to stumble toward her out of the forest. The swordswoman tries her best for a headshot but every round misses, so she cuts the walker down with her trusty katana. On her way back, she discovers one of her stray bullets killed an innocent deer. Is this just a bit of symbolism for the deaths the group has suffered, or does it foreshadow Michonne accidentally taking an innocent life?

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Where is Maggie? — Negan tells Rick (Andrew Lincoln) that he wants Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to come home with him. A solemn look crosses Rick’s face, as Negan inquires if she survived. Rick brings him to Maggie’s fresh grave where Negan laments the loss of someone so “hot.” But, we later learn that Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) created a false grave to deceive Negan. It is unknown where Maggie is hidden, but odds are that she and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green, also absent from the episode) fled to the Hilltop for medical assistance.

Poor Olivia — We narrowly avoided another death this episode when Olivia (Ann Mahoney) was taken hostage by Negan. Negan demanded all of the group’s guns, but after discovering the armory was short two handguns from Olivia’s manifest, he told Rick to find them or Olivia would die. Rick led a town meeting that yielded no answers, but a search of Spencer’s (Austin Nichols) house revealed the missing handguns. The search spared Olivia, but the Alexandrians are now without any guns to defend themselves.

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Rick’s confession — With the Saviors gone and the town demoralized, an angry Michonne argued with Rick over his decision to leave the town defenseless. That’s when audiences heard the name Shane muttered for the first time in years, as Rick walked his lover through the painful betrayal and murder of his old friend and partner. After detailing the affair, he reveals for the first time, “I know Judith isn’t mine.” It’s a shocking admission that shows how far Rick has gone, and will go, to keep his chosen family alive.

“Make me a bullet” — The MVP of the episode is definitely awarded to Rosita (Christian Serratos). After enduring sexual harassment from Dwight (Austin Amelio), she sets out on a run with Spencer to retrieve Daryl’s motorcycle. In the most thrilling sequence of the episode, Rosita makes a detour through the woods and annihilates a pack of walkers. She pulls a gun off of one of her victims, but it is empty. Refusing to accept the role of a slave to Negan, she delivers a bullet casing to Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and demands, “Make me a bullet.” Perhaps the group won’t stay defenseless for long.

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