‘The Walking Dead’ episode 5 recap: Maggie (Lauren Cohan) crushes it in ‘Go Getters’

The Walking Dead” continues to switch from one apocalyptic location to another, as the most recent episode, “Go Getters,” focuses on the Hilltop Colony and confirms fans’ speculation that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) fled to the Hilltop for medical assistance. The hour marks Maggie’s first appearance since the death of her husband. And she gets several standout moments in this hour that showcase her determination and foreshadow potential leadership opportunities. Let’s look at the highlights of “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 5:

Glenn lives on — Thankfully, the episode opens with the best news all season: Maggie’s baby is alive and healthy. Maggie even gets to hear her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. The child isn’t the only reminder of Glenn (Steven Yeun) in the episode. Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) produces Glenn’s pocket watch, which Maggie’s late father Hershel gifted him in Season 2. The watch is placed on Glenn’s grave, in a symbolic moment where Maggie inherits the sole responsibility of keeping her family’s legacy alive.

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Maggie crushes it — The Saviors infiltrate the Hilltop at night, breaking open the gate and leaving behind a car blasting loud music. As the noise lures in a pack of walkers, Maggie steps into action giving strategic commands like it’s second nature. As Jesus (Tom Payne) and Sasha slash and stab their way through the zombies, Maggie roars into the fray behind the wheel of a huge tractor. She crushes incoming walkers beneath its giant wheels before demolishing the Saviors’ car and putting a stop to the loud music.

Gregory kneels — The Saviors, led by Simon (Steven Ogg), arrive at the Hilltop to take their “share” of goods and confront Gregory (Xander Berkeley). Furious with Maggie over her people’s failure to eliminate the Saviors, Gregory moves to expose Maggie and Sasha’s whereabouts to Simon. The Hilltop leader throws open a closet expecting to find the two women, but is met with a box of fine scotch, which Simon happily takes. Before leaving the camp, Simon asks, “Could I get a kneel out of you?” Gregory sheepishly complies, solidifying his ineptitude as a leader in humiliating fashion.

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“Maggie Rhee” — After the Saviors leave the Hilltop, Jesus finally confronts Gregory over his lack of leadership and demands that Maggie and Sasha be allowed to stay. Gregory continues his trend of mispronouncing everyone’s name and has incorporated Glenn’s pocket watch into his wardrobe. Maggie snatches the stolen watch away and punches Gregory in the face (which the audience has wanted to do all episode). “This is our home now,” she states. “You’ll learn to call me by my name. Maggie Rhee”.

Stowaways — After sharing a kiss with Enid (Katelyn Nacon), Carl (Chandler Riggs) disappears for much of the episode. But when Jesus sneaks into the back of the Saviors’ truck, he hears a voice. When Jesus looks up he sees Carl among the contraband. It’s unclear whether these two stowaways can work together when they reach their destination. While Jesus is focused on finding the location of the Sanctuary and gaining intel, Carl hopes to eliminate Negan himself.

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