‘The Walking Dead’ episode 7 recap: ‘Sing Me a Song’ introduces Negan/Carl bromance

With the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” just one week away, the seventh episode of the season sets up some major showdowns. With Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on a supply run, “Sing Me a Song” turns its focus to his son Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) attempts to corrupt the impulsive boy. Let’s take a look at the five most memorable moments from “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 7.

Michonne’s master plan — At the top of the hour, Michonne (Danai Gurira) walks solo down a deserted street. She’s whistling loudly, luring a walker out of the woods to kill it. It’s unclear as to why she’s dragging zombie carcasses around until much later, when a female Savior brings her truck to a halt due to a roadblock of dead bodies. Michonne easily overtakes the distracted woman and brings a gun to her head. “Take me to Negan,” she demands.

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The Sanctuary — Carl makes the most boneheaded move of his life by attempting to storm the Saviors’ camp by force. He emerges from his hiding spot and takes out just two men with a rifle before being quickly surrounded. Negan is impressed with Carl and seems determined to take the boy under his wing. As Negan escorts him into the base, the camera tilts up to reveal the entirety of the Sanctuary for the first time: a behemoth power plant surrounded by a pen of walkers.

How do you solve a problem like Spencer? — Spencer (Austin Nichols) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) are traveling by car when Spencer reveals a deep hatred of Rick. Spencer blames Rick’s poor leadership for the death of his family and asks Gabriel if wishing someone dead is a sin. “What you’re saying doesn’t make you a sinner,” replies the priest, “but it does make you a tremendous shit.” Gabriel leaves after delivering the best line of the episode and Spencer eventually acquires a crossbow in the woods. Will Spencer use his new weapon against the Saviors, or against Rick?

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“You Are My Sunshine” — Negan makes many attempts to break Carl and show the boy how enticing power can be, including holding a hot iron to a man’s face, the price for sleeping with one of Negan’s wives. Negan’s bonding session culminates in an infamous scene from the comic when he orders Carl to remove his bandage. Viewers get a peek at Carl’s horrific wound and the boy is embarrassed. When Negan demands that Carl sing him a song, the only tune he can think of is “You Are My Sunshine.” Through tears, Carl not only reveals it’s a song his mother Lori used to sing to him, but that he shot his mother in the head before she could reanimate as a walker.

Papa Negan — Negan takes Carl back to Alexandria and demands a tour of his home. Olivia (Ann Mahoney) is house-sitting and once again has the misfortune of being fat-shamed by Negan. After sexually harassing Olivia and sending her to fetch lemonade, Negan searches the house and discovers baby Judith in her crib. The episode ends with the unnerving image of Negan holding Judith on the Grimes’ family porch, saying, “Maybe I should move in.”

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