‘The Walking Dead’: ‘I’m done with this show!’ say 59% of our readers after Negan massacre

The season seven premiere of “The Walking Dead” aired on Sunday, October 23, and it was nothing if not controversial. Our readers are sharply divided over it. According to our recent poll a whopping 59% of respondents say that they hated it and “I’m done with this show!” The episode premiered to huge ratings, but are those viewers sticking around, or will there be a massive fan exodus?

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Some of our forum posters were incensed by the premiere, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” in which sociopathic Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed both Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun). According to forum poster OnTheAisle, “I don’t know if it takes courage to be explicit in violence or a lack of imagination … If this episode represents the new level of terror on ‘The Walking Dead,’ I think I’ll pass.” Adds dwb585, “There was nothing of value in watching these characters I love being treated like this.”

But it’s far from unanimous. 29% of respondents love the episode and think it deserves Emmys all around. Says forum poster Manuel Colon, “I love how gory the series can get.” Edward Distasio believes “the violence was done so brutally to show how brutal Negan is. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was brilliant; I’d say he is a lock for an Emmy nomination or a Golden Globe TV nomination.”

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Star Andrew Lincoln, whose character Rick Grimes was psychologically tortured throughout the episode, was also singled out for praise. Denis proclaims, “Shouldn’t we be campaigning for him here at GD? C’mon he was magnificent; he sold the horror of it all like few actors working today could, I am in awe by his performance, I don’t care how divisive and brutal that episode was — he was perfect.”

What did you think of the premiere? Will you be back for the next episode, or are you calling it quits like more than half of our readers say they are? Make sure to discuss “The Walking Dead” and more in our TV forum.

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