‘The X-Files’ Emmy debate: Is it a Drama or a Limited Series? (Vote in our poll)

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Diehard fans of “The X-Files” want to believe that Fox’s six-episode revival is just the beginning of Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully’s (Gillian Anderson) return to television. While we patiently wait for an official renewal notice (come on, Fox!), fans have been debating the show’s potential Emmy strategy in our message boards.

Should “The X-Files” submit in the Drama categories where it found great success in the 1990s, or should it try its luck in the Limited Series races? Vote in our poll below, and then join the live chat in our famous forums, where Hollywood insiders hide behind cyber handles. Sample comments below. SEE MORE

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Denis: I think it should be submitted as a limited series, too much competition award-wise in drama series with two possible strong nominees emerging (“Billions”/”Vinyl”) and it will surely be nominated at least in actress, series and writing if it goes limited.

jf123: Its only real chance at a nom is Best Limited Series Actress for Anderson, and that’s not really a lock. But it won’t even be in the conversation if it goes in drama.

espnfan: I am not sure where this new installment of “The X-Files” should go (although I would lean towards limited series). My biggest question is, if Fox announces sometime soon that there will be another installment of “The X-Files,” then do they even qualify to compete as a limited series?

thedemonhog: The Emmys changed their rules last year so that stuff like this would have to submit in drama, then they immediately allowed “24” to submit in limited anyway, so it is really up to Fox where they want to put it. Limited will always be easier than drama.

KylieistBoi: They didn’t even change the title or add anything to it. This season is clearly the 10th season that has only six episodes, so it should be submitted as a drama otherwise it will look so embarrassing.

Rooney Moore from Caan: TV academy needs to get its s*** together. The fact that we are even talking about the possibilities of it going either way is already ludicrous.

mafro987: I hope it goes into limited (even though it’s probably fraud) just so Anderson has a chance of winning her category (she should have been nominated for seasons 2 and 3 of “Hannibal” too, imo).

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Over the course of its original nine-season run, the paranormal series won 16 Emmys including Best Actress for Anderson, Best Writing for Darin Morgan, Best Guest Actor for Peter Boyle and Best Main Title Design for its iconic opening sequence. See our photo gallery of the show’s 11 Emmy-winning episodes right here.

Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/FOX

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