‘The X-Files’ reactions from our forum posters: From ‘A+’ and ‘seamless’ to ‘kind of meh’

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Diehard fans of “The X-Files” want to believe that Fox’s six-episode miniseries is just the beginning of Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully’s (Gillian Anderson) return to television. And with impressive ratings thus far (16.1 million for Sunday’s premiere; 9.6 million for Monday’s second episode), it looks like a renewal notice may be, to paraphrase the show’s tagline, “out there.”

But has the show lost any of its magic since airing its final episode on Fox 14 years? Join the live chat right now in our famous forums, where Hollywood insiders hide behind cyber handles. Sample comments below. SEE MORE

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vinny: I loved it. Between Scully’s big reveal (I guess it explains how she looks like she hasn’t aged lol) and the return of Cigarette-Smoking Man (I literally jumped out of my seat out of excitement) I’m sold. My grade: A+.

MissingLink: So excited to have this show back, Muder and Scully’s interactions were amazing, like the show never ended, it was seamless in my opinion. So excited to see them back!!!

jamesclim: I’ve enjoyed the premiere more out of nostalgia than anything else. Like when they brought the original opening sequence — it was so cool! Mulder & Scully still have great chemistry, even if they are basically repeating the conversation they’ve had at least 100 times before. The plot, however, was kind of meh.

Denis: I enjoyed this a lot, mainly the first 20 minutes, however I agree that the execution was a problem, also I am not into the whole conspiracy thing, because we know about the truth believe it or not ;).

babypook: Not sure how I feel about the pilot. I’ll wait to let it sink in and maybe watch it again. Both principal characters seemed pretty “depressed” throughout. I just know I’m very happy to see this series back.

nahborghi: My dear show is finally back! I’ve watched each episode twice, and while “My Struggle” was a huge mess, “Founder’s Mutation” dealt with a lot of subjects that interested me.

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Over the course of its nine seasons, the paranormal series won 16 Emmy Awards including Best Actress for Anderson, Best Writing for Darin Morgan, Best Guest Actor for Peter Boyle and Best Main Title Design for its iconic opening sequence.

Creator Chris Carter is back for “The X-Files” miniseries as the showrunner, and he’s joined by former producer/writers Glen Morgan, James Wong and Darin Morgan, each of whom will direct their own episodes.

Photo Credit:  Ed Araquel/FOX

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