Top 10 hottest forum posts: Outrage over Oscar snubs present (‘Carol’) & past (Ellen Burstyn, Mickey Rourke)

carol requiem for a dream the wrestler

Even after the recent results at the Producers Guild and Screen Actors Guild Awards have thrown this year’s Oscar race into uncertainty, our forum posters are still fuming over snubs past and present. For instance, why was “Carol” left out of the Best Picture lineup this year when “The Kids Are All Right” made the cut in 2010? Was it homophobia or sexism? Both? Neither?

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That’s not all. They’re also relitigating some of the most controversial results of the past 15 years. Should Ellen Burstyn (“Requiem for a Dream”) really have lost Best Actress to Julia Roberts (“Erin Brockovich”) in 2000? Should Mickey Rourke (“The Wrestler”) have defeated Sean Penn (“Milk”) in 2008? If not those, what are your biggest outrages of the 21st century so far?

Read our posters’ comments about those topics and more below, and click on each forum topic title to jump directly into that conversation.

MichaelNorris: Both are very good movies. I think “Carol” not making it had more to do with its cold tone. “Far from Heaven” also missed out where it probably should’ve made it. Something like “The Hours” is dark, make no mistake, but it still feels very accessible. I think Todd Haynes‘s movies feel a little more elusive. I think this is a good thing, but I think it may turn some people off. (‘Carol’ vs ‘The Kids Are All Right’ – the academy may not be that homophobic)

TWVolcarocka: “Carol” wasn’t nominated because it didn’t deserve to be. To me, it was a good movie, but not a Best Picture contender. The performances were fantastic, but it wasn’t one of the ten best movies of the year. (‘Carol’ vs ‘The Kids Are All Right’ – the academy may not be that homophobic)

jamiepg88: I read great article explaining how “Carol” suffered because of the way it dismissed tropes. Most lesbian dramas (and queer ones in general) end with someone dying, usually out of homophobic violence or self harm (“Black Swan,” “The Hours” which has three attempted suicides, two of which are successful). The sex in “Carol” is also different in that it serves the story and not the male gaze, it isn’t titilating the way the sex is in “Black Swan.” (‘Carol’ vs ‘The Kids Are All Right’ – the academy may not be that homophobic)

ankehuber: Ellen Burnstyn in “Requiem for a Dream” was absolutely brilliant. For me, she gave the best leading performance of all actresses in 2000, and I wonder if the academy members voted for Roberts for her popularity or for her talent. Saying that … we cannot judge their perceptions of acting, they are professionals, and they know what they’re doing, but in my opinion, Burnstyn would have been a better choice. (Leading Ladies: Biggest Academy-crime of the last 15 years?)

ENGLAND: I voted for Rourke losing to Penn. Rourke was one of my favorite leading performances of the ’00s. He should have won. I think Dujardin in “The Artist” was fantastic, but the late and great Uggie the Dog was the worst snub that year. (Leading Men – Biggest Academy Crime of the Last 15 Years)

‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ is guilty of being wildly addictive TV

Vincelette: I hate the fact to live in a world where Christian Bale or George Clooney are Oscar-winners, but Jake Gyllenhaal and (at this point) Leonardo DiCaprio aren’t. The first two are overrated … and didn’t deserve to win. Christoph Waltz, Jim Broadbent and Benicio Del Toro were all basically category-cheating themselves for the win, which something I cannot really support. (Supporting Guys: Biggest Academy-crime of the last 15 years?)

Dr.Fabe: First of all, I think George Miller is a great choice for [Cannes] jury president. However, for my taste the selection of the jury president was too Hollywood-centric in recent years. Why not select someone who works mostly outside English-language cinema? After all, Cannes is the biggest international film festival in the world. Plenty of names come into my mind: Michael Haneke, Zhang Yimou, Béla Tarr, Nuri Bilge Ceylan. (Cannes Film Festival 2016)

Atypical: Miss Gaga is working hard for that Oscar! Work it. I’m here for the Andra Day, Tori Kelly, and Ellie Goulding additions! (Adele, Kendrick Lamar and others to perform at the Grammys)

nkb325: “Little Shop of Horrors”! A much more interesting and fun choice than things like “Sound of Music,” “Peter Pan” or “Grease.” It might be a little too adult, but hey, as much as everyone tries to pretend it’s not the case, so is “Grease.” (After ‘Grease,’ what live production do YOU want to see next?)

nahborghi: Ok, I told you all that [writer-director] Darin Morgan does not kid around. [“Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster”] might be my favorite [“X-Files”] episode since 2001. The multiple callbacks to the original run … This was such a gift to longtime fans, and I cannot believe I lived enough to see Scully sleeping in Mulder’s old t-shirt (confirmed by Darin Morgan himself). If anything, the revival is worth it just for this episode. (The X-Files Limited Series – January 2016)

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