[FORUMS] What Emmy category are you struggling with the most to predict?

What’s the hardest Emmy category to call? This year there is yet another revision to the voting system: a plurality vote (pick one winner) instead of previous years’ preferential balloting (rank your choices in order of preference). That could have big effects on the outcomes, perhaps in ways we’re not anticipating. Add to that the TV academy’s already mercurial tastes — at least a few head-scratchers abound every year no matter the voting system — and you’ve got a lot of forum posters pulling out their hair trying to make their predictions.

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Read about some of their toughest categories below, then click here to join the discussion and share your biggest Emmy dilemmas.

GusCruz: Guest Actor in a Comedy Series – Larry David vs. Martin Mull vs. Tracy Morgan… I actually think Morgan did a better job acting than David, and he has a strong narrative [having survived a car accident in 2014], but David has the hype [thanks to his Bernie Sanders impression]. Mull could win in a “Veep” sweep.

eastwestLena Headey makes the most of her limited screentime, and that is what great supporting acting is all about, so I’m going to stop overthinking it and go with her [for Best Drama Supporting Actress]. Maura Tierney would get my vote because she gets the chances to play many colors in her episode. I do feel though that all of those women could win.

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Nate: For me, it is still Supporting Actor In A Limited Series Or Movie. I seriously think it could be any of the nominees: breakthrough performer Sterling K. Brown, overdue Hugh Laurie, Critics’ Choice Award winner Jesse Plemons, ’90s nostalgia-centric David Schwimmer, comeback kid (again) John Travolta, or scene stealer BokeemWoodbine. I’ve got Plemons to win right now based on the Critics’ Choice Award, residual recent “Friday Night Lights” and “Breaking” Bad love, and his new role in “Other People,” in addition to a great performance, but nothing would really shock me in this category.

forwardswill: Drama Directing: Again, I am really unsure about vote-splitting potentially occurring. On the one hand, there is a clear “Thrones” choice in “Battle of the Bastards.” On the other, [“Battle” and the other “Thrones” nominee “The Door” could] split enough that voters get sentimental and choose the “Downton” finale.

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