[WATCH] ‘Jane the Virgin’ interviews: Gina Rodriguez, Jaime Camil, Andrea Navedo …

Coming off a critically acclaimed sophomore season, “Jane the Virgin” hopes to build on its single Emmy nomination (Outstanding Narrator) from last year. We interviewed several of the cast of from this hit CW show — Golden Globe champ Gina Rodriguez, Critics’ Choice nominee Jaime Camil, Imagen Award winner Andrea Navedo, and featured players Brett Dier and Yael Grobglas — as well as creator Jennie Urman.

Click below to watch each of these webcam chats. 

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Gina Rodriguez on reaping an Emmy bid: “It would be outstanding. It would be incredible and not just for me, it’d be incredible for the Latino community, it’d be incredible for the CW, it’d be incredible or our show to continue to have more legs, to have more life, it goes beyond myself.” WATCH HERE

Jaime Camil, who was shocked by the season two cliffhanger but definitely trusts what show creator Urman has planned: “Now that we know her so well, whatever she decided to do and wherever she decides to take the show is going to be great because she’s so good.” WATCH HERE

Andrea Navedo who plays Jane’s mother Xiomara Villanueva on landing her award-winning role: “After several call backs and a chemistry read with Gina I booked the role. So I came back a month later after all that fear I went through about not being guaranteed a job, about what a horrible mother I am, what a horrible wife I am, and all these things that I did to myself. Had I not gone, I would not be on ‘Jane the Virgin’ so I had to push past those mental obstacles and, really, fear and go for it.” WATCH HERE

Brett Dier who plays newlywed husband to Jane, Michael Cordero, admits he was just as emotional as viewers when Michael was shot in the finale: “When he got shot I felt sad and upset as me. It’s just a weird trippy thing because I feel like me and Michael are two different people. It’s almost like I’m schizophrenic.” WATCH HERE

Yael Grobglas has put in double duty this year on “Jane the Virgin” playing not only the villainous Petra Solano but also her newly discovered twin sister Anezka: “I did not have any prior warning. I found out with everybody else when I read the script. At the table read I was jumping between the two characters, between an accent and the physicality for each one. It was like a really weird one-woman comedy show.” WATCH HERE

Jennie Urman on the challenges of balancing the comedic and dramatic aspect of ‘Jane’: “It’s a hard show in general because I feel like each episode needs all of these different elements in order to get the alchemy right. It needs big comic set pieces, real heartfelt family drama, and a telenovela twist at the end so that you’ll want to come back when we say ‘To be continued’.” WATCH HERE

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