‘Westworld’ episode 2 recap: ‘Chestnut’ cracks open 5 major mysteries

Episode 2 of HBO’s new sci-fi series “Westworld,” titled “Chestnut,” followed the precedent of last week’s series premiere by giving audiences plenty of watercooler moments to devour. As fans try to piece together TV’s great new dramatic puzzle, here are the Top 5 mysteries from the second episode of Season 2.

Maeve’s nightmare
The most harrowing sequence of the episode came via Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) nightmare sequence. Maeve is attacked by men in tribal paint and nearly scalped. She is able to grab her daughter and run to the relative safety of her cabin. Things get trippy when the warrior pursuing them appears to morph into the Man in Black (Ed Harris). Is this an actual memory or have the hosts truly started dreaming?

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Who is the maze for?
After discovering a maze printed on the inside of a host scalp, the Man in Black goes on a killing spree to find the entrance. A young girl host claims the gunslinger will have to “follow the blood arroyo to the place where the snake lays its eggs” to find it. But she cryptically says “the maze wasn’t built for you.” Was it created for a host instead? It seems like the maze has the potential to break the system.

Bernard’s secret meetings
Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) has been keeping huge secrets from his co-workers. For one, we see him in bed with Westworld’s Operations Director, Theresa Cullen. Their relationship could give him insider secrets and sway over company decisions. A second revelation is his secret meetings with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). Bernard is clearly aware of all her glitches but keeps this knowledge to himself. Some sort of power play seems imminent, but is the motivation purely ambition or something more sinister?

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Here’s the church, here’s the steeple
Ford (Anthony Hopkins) shoots down the idea for a new narrative “Odyssey on the Red River” (the red arroyo the Man in Black is looking for?) because he apparently has a “quite original” idea of his own. He later treks through a desolate part of Westworld and comes to a place where a black church steeple protrudes from the ground. Is there an abandoned town from an old version of the park beneath the surface? Perhaps this is part of Ford’s new narrative.

Dolores got a gun
Before Dolores can start her Groundhog Day cycle again, a voice beckons her to “remember.” She awakens, and guided by an unseen force, walks to a spot in her yard. Buried in dirt below her feet is a pistol. Does this gun work the same as the rest of the weapons in Westworld, or does Dolores now possess a tool to cause harm to the park guests?

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